Give yourself permission to get away from anything that causes you pain. If it is someone that causes that pain seriously evaluate how important that person is to you. Ask yourself is it worth going through any emotional, financial or mental or even through physical abuse just to stay with them? If you feel God is trying to tell you to try harder to work with them and pray for them, then just ask Him for the clear-cut sign of whether to stay or go. It may not come right away but God will eventually give you the answer you need. If anyone or anything is toxic in your life you need to cut them loose. It doesn’t matter if they’re family or friends or not. If someone abuses you saying horrible things about you and to you and if someone makes you afraid, to tell the truth, that’s a clear-cut sign that it’s dangerous for you to be around them. No one deserves to feel down, defeated or to question their own lively hood just because of someone else. No one deserves any kind of abuse period. No matter how miserable the people may be, it never ever gives them the right to hurt others.

If someone does that openly and constantly to you, get away as fast as you can. As hard as it is to walk away from them, especially if they are your family member(s), you have the inner strength to walk away from them. Confront them about the way they treat you and tell them “you have no right to make me second guess myself and to treat me as though I have no place in this world. You have no right to treat me like this just because you are miserable.”  Hopefully, after telling them how you feel, you will find some closure look in the mirror. Hopefully, by the grace of God, they might understand how their misery, anger, and bitterness towards life and those they say they love, all of it affects so many people. Pray that God changes their perspective and their life for the better. Life is too short to be that miserable.

No matter how much you know it’ll hurt you to say it, and how much you might be afraid of standing up to the person, just do it. At that point, who cares if you end up hurting the other persons feelings. Look at how much pain they already put you through. They never cared how you felt and they probably won’t care that you’re trying to calmly tell them how they affect you and your life. If they don’t listen to you, that is their problem. Not yours. It is ok to be afraid to stand up to them because of the abuse, but being able to stand up to them can bring you so much peace and strength within your heart, your soul and your mind. Don’t let them scare you into not standing up for yourself. You deserve to be treated right by anyone in your life, especially by your family.

You will not only feel free, you will feel lighter. You will feel less upset and as though you can breathe again. You might even feel as though you’re a new person when you’re not around them anymore. It is extremely hard to walk away from someone especially if they’re abusive to you. You might think you will be able to help them and to even change them. Guess what, you will never be able to change them or their views of the world or their ways of treating you. But the good news is you have every power and every chance to get out of that situation while you can. You have to want to walk away from it though too. You and God are in control of your life. He can help you through it. He will get you out of it if you call on Him and ask Him.

No matter how hard the other person’s life may be according to them, it doesn’t give them the right to bring you down with them. You have every chance and the right to tell them to back off and stop using their misery on you and to stop dragging you into their self-induced pity party or anger party. You have every right to stand up for yourself. The smartest thing you can do if they continue to attack you in any way is turn and walk away. God will give you the strength that you didn’t even know you had within you to face the situation with grace, pose and calmness instead of anger. Ask God to guide your words, heart and soul and that He helps you stay calm. God will hold them accountable for what they’ve said and done to you. Just as He will hold all of us accountable. Wouldn’t you rather have God have the final say with them than keep saying anything to them yourself? He will make a way when there seems to be no way around or out of the situation.

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