jesus in the garden

Jesus chose to have a horrible terrible no good, very bad day and chose to suffer Hell for us. He didn’t have to but He did. He literally went to Hell to defeat sin death and the power of the Devil. He did it for us. Without God, there is no peace and there is only Hell on earth.  We can create our own living Hell and not even realize it until we are so deep into our pit of sorrow that we have absolutely no idea how to get out. At that point, we have absolutely nowhere to go but up.

We create our own living Hell. What is your definition of the saying “my life is a living Hell”? It is not having a job? Is it not providing enough for yourself? Is it one of your family member’s fighting an illness? Is it the loss of a job? It is because of losing a member of your family or losing a friend you really cared about? It is the nerves that come along with getting a new job? Is it facing something you’re afraid to face?  Is it someone else making your life hard?  Or are you just allowing Satan to have control of your emotions and make you feel miserable? It can be any or all of these things. What are some ways Satan makes you think things are worse than what they really are? Be careful about giving into him because once he has a grip on you it takes a while to get back to the reality that life really isn’t that bad. It takes a while to come back from the pit of fears that he places within your souls and in your heart, not to mention in your heart and mind.

Sometimes we may actually think that being miserable, sad and mad is better than praying about it. Yes, letting go and venting about situations is at times very healthy, but wallowing in your feelings isn’t 100 percent healthy. If you allow yourself to get swept away in feeling miserable, you’ll get so used to feeling that way and you won’t even know how to get out of that pit. It’s better to vent only for a while and then realize that life really isn’t that bad. Once you let your feelings out, think about whether you feel better after venting, or if you feel worn out. If you feel worn out, try praying about your life instead of complaining about it.
Is it your own misery causing you to suffer? Are you bringing others down into your own misery? Are you letting your emotions and the darkness of everything in your life take you down every day? Are you forcing yourself to think that things can’t ever get any better? Why wallow in your own misery when you can often find so much joy in your life. All you have to do is accept the blessings that are upon you by the grace of God.
Jesus chose to have the worst, horrible, no good, terrible, very bad day, ever, imaginable. He chose to die on the cross for all of us.

He could have walked away at any time or called on the angels to save Him as well as calling on God to save Him. He didn’t have to sacrifice Himself for the sinners of the world. He chose to take the sins of the world upon Himself because He loved us so much. Every time you think your life couldn’t get any worse or that your day couldn’t get any worse, just take the time to remember what Jesus was able to endure from the temptation of Satan and Peter, one of His own followers and then enduring the pain and ultimate agony on the cross. So, whenever you think you have it bad, remember what Jesus went through.

What you are going through and even what you will go through will luckily never ever compare to what Jesus endured for all of us. You are not only lucky, you are eternally blessed. Because of Jesus having that horrid day, you get the opportunity to live with Him forever in paradise once you get to Heaven.


Jesus took your sins upon Himself because He loved you so much and He was willing to give up everything for all of us. There is no one that has more love for you than Jesus. No one would ever want to go through what He went through-beatings, a crown of thorns placed upon your head, people shouting for you to be crucified even though you didn’t do anything wrong, having nails pounded into your hands and feet, then dying by suffocation on the cross. Not to mention being mocked and ridiculed for not getting down off the cross. You are so blessed that He endured His horrible, no good, very bad day so that you have the opportunity to live with Him in Heaven now.


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