When did you become a Christian and how?

My story of becoming a Christian began when I was born three months prematurely and my parents were told I wouldn’t make it. But then, the doctors said that if I did make it, that I would be handicapped both mentally and physically for the rest of my life. But luckily, my parents didn’t believe that and didn’t stand for it. They believed God could heal me and they prayed hard for it. They consider my life a miracle. I know it is a miracle that I’m alive and am doing as well as I am. I have no physical difficulty getting around and can walk easily. I can see well out of both eyes, but I don’t have the twenty-twenty vision in my right eye. I was raised by my parents to go to church every week and to get to know God from a very young age. I am honored to have a personal and close relationship with Him.

When I find myself struggling, I am reminded of how much I have come through and achieved. They never expected me to walk, yet I can. They didn’t expect me to be able to see, yet I am able to see. The doctors didn’t think I would live, yet here I am. When the doctors watch me walk, they are stunned that I don’t have a limp. When they ask my parents and me how I don’t have a limp and how I’m walking normally, we give all the glory, praise and credit to God. He is the only reason why I lived. I know the only reason I’m here is, by God’s grace. God saved my life for a reason. I know part of that reason is to spread God’s word daily. Another reason I am here is to write about faith. My job for life is to be a writer. I may not know exactly where He wants me to be but I’m grateful to have the opportunities I’ve had in my life so far. I can’t wait to see where He takes me in life.

Not enough people know what it is to know God first hand. Being close to Him takes daily practice. It takes reading the Bible and yearning to get to know Him. It also takes spending much time in prayer as well as spending time with other believers and learning about Him on your own, as well as going to church and through Bible studies. Everything takes a lot of patience and practice daily and weekly. It takes much discipline to clear out your schedule in order to make time for God. Every day, God makes time for us when we pray or when we call out to him from the depths of our hearts. So, the least we can do is make time to spend with Him despite how busy our lives may be. Once you make time for Him, it becomes easier and easier to want to spend time with Him. Try spending time with Him in prayer every day and work your way up from there.

Turning to Him through prayer is the greatest thing you can do for yourself and for someone you love. Praying can move mountains and can change your life and others lives, for the better. It is a privilege to be able to say, “I can have one on one time with God whenever I’d like to.” He is never too busy not to talk to you. He is never too busy to not hear the cries of your heart and He will never turn away from you or leave you out to dry. He will be there whenever you call on Him no matter how you feel or what you are going through.
Try your best to go to church every week. Being around other Christians is a great way to connect with them and o connect closer to God. Ask questions to your small group or to your pastors if you are unsure about which direction you should be taking with God. Ask God for the discernment as you figure out how to get to know Him in the best way possible. There is nothing wrong with asking people or God for help in any situation. There is especially nothing wrong in asking God for help in life, either.
It can be scary to try and put your thoughts into words, but once you figure out what you want to say, He will fill your heart with the right words and the peace that comes from Him. It takes courage to say, “Lord I’m a sinner and I need your help to get through this life. I know I can’t do it on my own. Would you please show me the right paths to take in my life? Lead me right where you want me to go. Thank you for allowing me to come to you at any time, day or night.” Chase after Him and He will chase you. He will make your life better than you can ever imagine.
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