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Whenever you think you have it worse than other people in life, take a step back and think about it this way: are you homeless? Are you without a job? Do you have a family and friends that love you? Do you know who you can call on in times of need? Do you have a warm meal in front of you every time you’re hungry? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions you are way more fortunate than you thought. You are blessed immensely every day. It just depends on whether you see it or not. If all you do is complain about how terrible things in life are, then sure you’ll never see the glass as anything other than half full. You’ll hardly ever if ever find happiness. You can’t find happiness unless you want to pursue it.

So many people are homeless. When you think of being homeless, maybe you often think of people who just don’t have money to afford the necessities of food and shelter. But there are also others who have been kicked out of their homes by eviction because they couldn’t pay the rent that was due or even people that have been disowned by their family members for various reasons. So many people don’t have a place to call home. So many people are staying in shelters or sleeping in their cars or on the streets. When it gets to be winter time, so many of us can’t even fathom not having a place to sleep and a place to stay warm. We can give to others that are less fortunate than we are, by helping at shelters, offering food and companionship to those that are less fortunate. There is nothing better than to come home to a warm bed after a grueling day at work. Imagine those people who don’t have that ability and those that rent fortunate enough to have that place to rest at night. We can offer those people hope in their greatest time of need, especially in the winter months. Remember, no matter how hard you might have it, if you have a place to sleep at night, you’re very blessed. Never take it for granted.

If you don’t have a job at the moment, it can be hard to not be down on yourself and even harder to keep the faith that God will provide a job for you. So many of us are still searching for the right job that offers benefits and fits our personalities the right way. If you’re one of the people that has a full-time job and loves what they do, you’re richer than a lot of people these days. If you love what you do for a living, keep at it and make your boss realize how hard of a worker you really are. Never let that job go. So many people need jobs and are out of work. Some people just can’t find a job period. Others just can’t find a job that they love.

Do you have people in your life that you consider loyal friends and even family? Does your family always seem to lend you a helping hand? If you have both of those things you are definitely blessed. So many people long to have a family to interact with. But some have been abandoned by their families, disowned or have walked away from their families by choice. So many of us have lost friends that we thought would be there for the rest of our lives. But, look at the big picture. If you have a few devoted friends that care for you in your life and especially in your darkest hour, you’re blessed beyond measure. You know who those true people are in your life. Are you someone that people can always rely on? Be the person that others turn to when something goes wrong, instead of turning a blind eye or a deaf ear to them, because you never know when you will fall on tough times too. Be a blessing, be a friend because you never know when you will be the one needing your friends and family’s help.

How many of us have a car to drive to work or to school or to get us anywhere we need to be in life? If you have that luxury you are blessed. Many people just simply can’t afford a vehicle in this day and age. Or if they have a vehicle and it is out of commission, they can’t afford to fix it because they don’t have enough finances to cover it. Many people like to take public transportation every day to get to work or any other destination that they need to get to, but some people on public transportations such as buses or trains would give anything to have their own means of transportation. To be able to drive your own vehicle and not make payments on it is another thing you should be grateful for.

Have you ever felt what it is like to go without food for a day or even eight hours of a day? The answer is most likely yes. But have you ever had to experience not being able to find or buy food and going hungry? Many of us have no idea what that is like. To those people that don’t have enough to eat, they would give anything to be able to provide for themselves and for their families. Never take having something to eat in front of you for granted. Remember how blessed you are. For many, food is not just a basic part of daily living, it is sometimes a luxury.

No matter how bad things seem in your life on any given day, remember, you’re more blessed than you think. All it takes is seeing how someone else is doing in their life and your life definitely won’t seem so terrible after all.Think about the little blessings in your life, because they will become the big blessings.




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