What do you do when you have so much on your mind that it feels overwhelming? You try and do the thing that you don’t want to even think about- pray. When life knocks you down, drags you around and drives you to the brink of insanity, pray to God. Sometimes it may seem as though praying isn’t worth it, but then after you give up your burdens to God, it often fills you with peace that you can’t even explain. That is often referred to as the peace that surpasses all human understanding.
When life is that tough where you feel as though you can’t talk to anyone about what you are feeling or thinking, because you think there is no way anyone will understand, talk to yourself out loud about how you’re feeling. Then see how you feel afterwards. It may sound crazy to try talking to yourself to see if you get any answers, but at times it might be the only way to help yourself see the light.
When you feel as though no one will understand how you feel and you don’t want to burden someone else with the things that are going on in your life, try writing your thoughts down. You don’t even have to share them with anyone, either. You can keep a prayer journal or diary of some sort. Often, writing thoughts down is a wonderful way to relieve stress that you may not have been sure how to get rid of in other ways. Keep a positive thoughts journal or a prayer journal. When life hits hard, hit hard back with positive life affirming sayings such as things you’re thankful for. It is not very often that you think of things you’re thankful for when you’re going through tough times. Remember to be grateful for the things you have instead of complaining about the things that are going wrong in your life. This habit not only strengthens you as a person. It strengthens your ability to look at life positively instead of negatively. Looking at everyday life in a positive mindset isn’t something that just happens overnight though, either. It takes much discipline and practice, not to mention patience.
When you’re feeling down remember to ask yourself why you’re feeling that way. Once you do a bit of soul searching, you will often find out that the things you’re stressing over,  didn’t need to be stressed over in the first place. All that stress will eventually cause so much wear and tear on your body, soul, mind and in your spirit. If you let things get to you too much your own thoughts can eventually drive you to your breaking point. Everyone has experienced being at the breaking point at one time or another. It can be a pretty terrifying experience.
When anything in your life frustrates you that much, it’s time to take a step back from it and do something fun for yourself, whether it’s reading a book, singing,  going for a run or going to play golf or going to the movies. Bottom line is, get away from whatever is causing tension and let yourself go have fun.  God wants you to be able to have fun and enjoy life, because life is too short to be upset constantly.  He wants you to experience the joy that He can provide you in this life. Ask Him to show you that joy that comes with knowing Him on a deep personal level and through prayer. Ask Him to provide the right people in your life, in your workplace, your home, and with anyone you come across.
He also wants you to remember to call on Him when things get to be too much and when things are going well too. The more you call on Him when things are going well for you in your life, the easier it will be to call on Him when things aren’t going as well in your life.
There are instances where our minds play tricks on us and make us think that we might be going a little crazy because of the stress in our lives. If you’re stressed and feel like you can’t be around people, it is ok to isolate yourself for a few hours to a day, to avoid making others feel the way you feel. Sooner than later you will have to face the truth and force yourself to come out stronger than you were before.
Talk to the One who can make all your stress and anxiety go away-God. Turn to Him for everything. Don’t just act like you’re walking the faith walk, actually do it. Talk to Him about how you feel. Trust me, He understands you better than anyone else. Ask Him to take the stress away from you. Most of the time all it takes is a prayer of “Lord, help me through this. I can’t take this pain anymore. I know I shouldn’t be this stressed out, but right now I am. Instead of me dwelling on it, help me to lift it up to you. Please lift this monkey of stress, pain and hurt off my shoulders. Thank you that I am able to come to you with anything that’s on my mind. Thank you for being willing to take all of my thoughts, anger and burdens upon yourself because you loved me so much. Help me to see that no matter what is happening in my life, it really isn’t that bad. Help me to look at the positive things in life instead of the negative things in life. Amen.”
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