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Third Day has an awesome song called “Christmas Like A Child” from their album Christmas Offerings. It talks about how we lose the magic of Christmas as we go from childhood into adulthood. The magic and meaning of the season disappear over time.  At times we long to return to the memories of the way Christmas was and the way it felt for us as a child. We start to forget all about the wonder, bliss, majesty and magic, as well as the true story and meaning behind Christmas itself. The lyrics are as follows:
First verse: “I want to feel Christmas, how it used to be. With all of its wonder falling on me . This season has felt so empty, oh, for quite a while. I want to feel Christmas like a child.”
When we transition from childhood into adolescents and into adulthood, we often forget about the feeling of Christmas and the way we used to feel about this special season. We often forget about it until we see a child enjoying it with a carefree spirit. We look into the child’s eyes and see the joy of baking cookies, singing Christmas chorales and the innocence of gazing at the department stores with their eyes gazing up in wonder. We don’t stop and remember how it was for us until we see that true spirit of Christmas in the children’s hearts. Without that wonder in each of our hearts the season can feel very empty every year.
Second verse: “I want to see snowflakes fall to the ground. My brothers and sisters all gathered around. Singing, away in a manager as we sit by the fire. I want to feel Christmas like a child.”
We should long to celebrate Christmas every year. We should look forward to dancing when the snowflakes fall on the ground. We should want to gather with our family and friends instead of dreading seeing people in our families. We spend so much time getting ready for Christmas that we literally forget to enjoy Christmas for what it really is. We should want to be around the people that mean the most to us. When was the last time you sang away in a manger as you actually relaxed by a fire? When was the last time you felt Christmas like a child?
Bridge: “It’s been so long now, I can’t say. Just when I lost my way. But I’m going back to how it was. (Like a child). When this day meant everything. And we spent our time remembering. The baby Child born for us.”
Perhaps so much time has gone by in your life that you can’t even remember when the magic started to fade for you when Christmas. Don’t be afraid to go back to how it was when the day meant everything to you as a kid. Remember baby that was born for us. Teach your kids about Jesus and how He came for us.
Third verse: “It’s all about Jesus. Asleep in the straw. This infant, this King. This Savior for all. So, I don’t need bells to be ringing. Cause I’ll join with angels singing, Gloria. And I can feel Christmas like a child. I want to feel Christmas like a child.”
Christmas is all about the true reason for the season- Jesus. Nothing is more important. Allow yourself to feel like a child during this season. Remember how glorious it felt and never let go of that feeling. We don’t always need bells to be ringing or people singing along to choirs, because we can join in with singing with all the angels about Jesus’ birth.
Ending stanza: “I want to feel Christmas like a child. I want to feel Christmas like a child. I want to feel Christmas like a child. I want to feel Christmas like a child. I want to feel Christmas like a child. I want to feel Christmas like a child. I want to feel Christmas like a child. I want to feel Christmas like a child. I want to feel Christmas like a child.”
When you realize that Jesus is the best thing about Christmas, and you feel His wonder and you are in awe of Him in your life that is when the reality of Christmas hits you square between the eyes, not to mention I n the heart and in your soul, where you should feel it all the time.  then and only then can you truly experience and feel Christmas like a child.
With the wonder of the season, why would you not want to feel the hope, bliss, awe and love that Jesus has to offer? I hope this song brings back the feeling of magic and awe of the season and even more so, the awe of Jesus’ birth as our Savior.
Merry Christmas to everyone! May you all be blessed by the Lord. I hope you all had an awesome day celebrating with your cherished family and friends. Remember what Christmas is really about. Don’t forget to feel Christmas like a child!
Listen to the song here:
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