Some days it feels better to carry our own burdens instead of giving them up to God. On other days we often surrender them to Him. It often depends on how angry or upset we are. Often times our emotions often blind us to the truth of God being right there beside us. We often don’t hear Him or feel His presence when we have our emotions boiling out of control. We may not even want to come to Him with our burdens because it feels so much better to be in the moment and let the emotions ride out.
Sometimes Satan puts in our heads that we can’t give things up to Him and makes us feel better by carrying it on our backs and venting about it-whether it’s out loud to someone or out loud in private or in our hearts. I sometimes feel like that. It feels so good to vent, and let it all out. But then, after an hour or so it hits me- He gets my attention saying, “my child, I’m right here! You can come to me. I’ll help you give it up. Pray about it.” It’s that, “DUH!!!” moment, when I realize that I should be praying about the things that are bothering me, instead of venting about them and being angry about them.
We realize He’s been there listening to us vent the entire time and He finally whispers it to us nudging us towards His peace. When we allow His peace and His presence to overtake us, no amount of turmoil can take that feeling away. Even in the worst-case scenario, we can find peace when we stop and realize that even in those dark times, God is with us. He hasn’t left us yet, nor will He ever leave us or forsake us.
Then the reality hits and it’s like wow, all it took was praying to feel peace again? That’s it? Huh. It’s easier than it may look at times. Prayer gives us the ultimate connection to the One who made us in His image.
We can come to Him at any time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. God is the only one who can and does take care of our every need- God. Prayer can give us peace that surpasses our understanding.
Being angry too much about life is exhausting and life is too short to be upset all the time, so why not turn those angry emotions into something way more powerful that can only help you in the long run. Turn to the one who can bring you through anything and everything. Turn everything you are feeling into prayer.
You may think that you can’t or shouldn’t pray when you are emotional, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.  You might think that God doesn’t want you to come to Him when you’re upset, but the exact opposite is true. He wants you to come to Him no matter how you’re feeling. It doesn’t matter how emotional you may be, He is always going to listen to you. He loves when you come to Him in prayer.
We may not hear Him right away or even want to but after a while we get exhausted enough that we can’t carry it and give it up to Him.
But then there’s times where it’s like ok if I hear one more thing about God I’m going to snap at somebody. That’s Satan messing with us saying u know u don’t want to hear about how God can help you. You’re screwed. You screwed up. He isn’t going to help you. If we start to believe those lies it gets harder to come to Him in prayer or through any type of conversation. It gets to the point where you and I both have felt before- where we felt unworthy to be at church or even call on Him.
We even can be¬¬ afraid of coming to Him. We may not realize that were only hurting ourselves but unfortunately, we are. Our faith is only as strong as we allow it to be. We can learn to trust Him and come to Him instead of thinking “Oh crap how in the heck do I approach God about this? because the reality of it is that He already knows us better than anything and He knows we will turn back to Him. It’s not going to be easy as His son or daughter but at least He’s in control and He knows the reason we go through what we go through. At least it’s His reasons alone, not ours and He gives us a way out when there seems to be no way. Right when we lose hope that’s when He shows up.  When we pray, we are allowing Him to calm our hearts, minds and our spirits. We are also allowing Him to do His work in our lives. Don’t be afraid to come to God.
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