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Trusting God today, is a challenging thing to comprehend. But if you don’t trust in Him your life will be in more turmoil than it should be. With so much pain and suffering in life, everywhere you turn, people may ask how you can even trust in a God you can’t even see.
The way you trust God is through having faith. Faith is believing and trusting in things you can’t see. At times you may not even be able to feel God’s presence. When times get difficult that is when you need God the most. That is also when it is the hardest to trust God. Rather people yell at God asking Him why things happen to them and wallow in their sorrow instead of turning it to prayer and asking God to get them through it.  They become self-involved and think that God doesn’t care about them when terrible things happen. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. God cares about everyone. Trusting in Him takes much time and discipline. It isn’t something you just learn overnight. But why wouldn’t you want to trust the one who gave you life? Why wouldn’t you want to trust the one who allows you to experience everything you experience in life? Why would you want to put your trust in something or someone else that doesn’t keep promises the way God does and can? Trusting God also means giving up your pride
Rather when things are going well in life, you tend to not think as much about trusting God. You think you can handle everything yourself. You also think that you are in control and that you are the one who makes the wonderful things happen in life. You do get yourself to the next level whether it is in your career, or in your personal life, but God is the one who allows all the wonderful things in your life to take place.
Remember in order to trust God, you have to let go of your life and your own mind and let Him have the control of your life. You have to be willing to let Him have control. Yes, it can be challenging and seem downright ridiculous at times, but if you try to have complete control over everything in your life, you will miss the feeling of peace that giving up that tight control to God. Giving up control is something that takes much discipline and it is felt every single day. Life is never meant to be easy. But once you experience the feeling of freedom when you let God have control over your life, you will feel so much peace. It is often unexplainable and that is ultimately how you know the peace is from God.
You can always turn to Him at any time. That should automatically bring anyone comfort. To know that He cares about everyone no matter what they’re going through.   He is already in control of your life too, so anything that happens, He already knows about. Trusting in God’s plan for your lives mean growing closer to Him as well. You have the opportunity to give everything up to Him and for the love of Christ to overtake your life. His love is so immense that no one can fully comprehend it. Trusting God means giving up the control you thought you had over your life and letting Him take the reins. It also means taking some worries and strife away from yourself as well. Trusting in Him to take care of every aspect of your life is a daily struggle for everyone. How often do we forget that we can come to Him with anything that might be going on in our lives, whether it is a big or a small problem?  Just praying about it and asking God to take away your stress can make life so much easier.  We often turn mole hills into mountains when they don’t need to be. That wastes our life with the stress that we put on ourselves. He wants us to take time to rest physically every single day, and to rest in His love.
He wants us to take the time to rest and to recharge throughout our day. If something is frustrating you, you can always take time away from it, until you calm down. You are allowed to take time for yourself to recharge and rejuvenate yourself.
Take that time to learn about God and how much easier your life is and how much easier it will be once you trust Him and give up your life to Him as your Savior.
Trust in His timing and wait on His promises. He will show His power, love and might in the most unexpected ways.
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