There are many different forms of worship. What do you like better- going to church or going to a concert? Some people like church more, some people like going to concerts more than going to church all the time. What do you feel like you like more? Going to church or going to concerts? Some people may say church because that is where they feel the most comfortable. They are around their congregation and the believers they know and trust within their home church.
Many people feel more at ease at concerts because they are having fun and are able to sing praises without feeling forced to do it. They sing out more freely when they feel the Holy Spirit move them at a concert than when the Holy Spirit moves them in church, because at church, it may feel like people are being judgmental about others raising their hands in worship.
During a concert, people scream when God is mentioned or whenever His power is mentioned. People go to concerts for the fun of them and for the ability to have fun praising God with other believers. People even go to concerts to escape everyday life and to go back to the feeling of having an enjoyable time while worshiping and listening to their favorite artists. There is nothing like feeling the power of the Holy Spirit during a song sung by your favorite artist live. People go to concerts to hear these artists live and to also get a great message through their words.
I often find myself more at ease and able to worship freely at concerts than I am at church. A lot of times, I love singing at church and leading the congregation in worship. But it is nice to sit with my family during church services and worship as a regular congregation member instead of a member of the praise team.  I absolutely love the music of Third Day, Mercy Me and Casting Crowns and Skillet. I am a serious concert lover. I feel energized and almost electrified when I go to any of their concerts because the artists make me enjoy worship as much as I enjoy their music. They use their music to glorify God and to be able to sing with them in front of me, it’s a rush I’ve never felt anywhere else. That feeling that I get with seeing my favorite artists sing my favorite songs live, is the best part of any concert.
When you’re at a concert how often do you think, “oh my gosh what will this person who is sitting next to me think if I do or don’t raise my hands or if I don’t sing a song?” It may be more often than you think. Sure, you’re going to be looked at and judged if you raise your hands but that doesn’t matter because God doesn’t judge you.
Unfortunately, you will be looked at for not singing certain songs. But if you don’t know the songs, then how could you sing them?   Then look at the other picture: the people don’t know you. So, it doesn’t matter what they think of you.  It doesn’t matter what you look like or sound like when you sing either. God isn’t looking down on you whenever you sing, just because you don’t have a good singing voice. He thinks all voices are beautiful. The only thing that matters is that God is glorified through the song you’re singing.
Being in church isn’t something that you should be forced to do either. You don’t have to go to church if you choose not to go. God gives us free will to choose how we follow Him, but going to church is always a good thing. Going every week, I admit that it can be exhausting and mentally draining at first when you get there, especially if you don’t get anything out of the pastor’s sermons. Just like in regular everyday life, some sermons and church services are better than others. Other times the message that the pastor preaches can be both uplifting, and meaningful and it can strike chords within you. That is always a great feeling.
When you feel the Spirit talking to you through the messages and through the songs, you are not only able to have fun, but your mind is also opened to endless possibilities.
Don’t worry about what you think people may be judging you for in worship at church or at any Christian concert. The most important thing is to examine yourself and ask yourself whether you are in worship for yourself or for giving glory to God. It always pays off to make sure your heart soul and mind are in the right place.
When the spirit leads you to raise your hands at either church or at concerts, by all means, go ahead and do it. Lift your hands high and have the time of your life. Have fun in both church and at any Christian concert you go to. No matter what, make sure your heart is in the right place about glorifying God.
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