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Living life as a Christian is a very hard concept. There is so much that we aren’t supposed to do- we aren’t supposed to swear, talk bad about anyone, we shouldn’t start gossip or spread rumors about people. We also shouldn’t covet or be jealous of what others have. We shouldn’t worship anyone besides God Himself. We shouldn’t worship any idols or have any idols in place of God.  We can’t and shouldn’t steal from others. Nor should we commit adultery and ruin our relationships by cheating on our significant others or finances or wives or husbands.
All of these things can be hard to follow every day, day in and day out. The bad news is that we’re all sinners. But the good news is that God has saved us from ourselves.
It seems as though Christianity is filled with so many things that we shouldn’t and can’t-do. Some may ask you, “when is there the right time to live your life, go out of your comfort zone and enjoy your life? How do you enjoy life if you’re a Christian? What is so cool or good about being a Christian?”  All of these questions can be very difficult to answer.  But the good news is that God can and will give us all the answers when He knows it is the right time. If people ask you why shouldn’t we live our lives and have fun? Then you have an open opportunity to witness for the Kingdom and an opportunity to bring someone you know closer to Christ. Don’t ever be afraid to shine God’s love and His light in someone else’s life. Even though it can be scary at times, God gives us golden opportunities to be witnesses for Him.
Everyone has different ideas as to what being a Christian can mean too. Some may think it just means following the commandments and going to church and a Bible study every week.  It can also mean praying at meals and such. Others may take a more extreme approach by telling their families that they’re not allowed to wear certain clothing like their friends or co-workers do.
They may tell their families and their friends that God will and does disapprove of them if they dress a certain way, talk a certain way. They may also tell them that He will shun them if He sees them act defiantly to Him or to their family or friends group. They may even tell others that they’re sinning by wearing the clothes they wear, the things they say or the things they don’t say. Just because you don’t act the exact same way as everyone tells you to, doesn’t mean you are any better than they are. What they do, whether they are Christian or not, doesn’t make them any better than you, either.
Remember though, we all sin every single day whether we realize it right away or not. We are all in the same amount of trouble with God. We deserved God’s punishment of Hell, but he decided to send His son Jesus as a ransom for us all because He loved all of us that much. As Christians, we should be honored by that and want to be like Him. We can be like Jesus in our words thoughts and in our actions.
 A lot of times being a Christian is looked down upon because it may look like people can’t even have fun in their life if they follow Christ. That’s a lie from Satan. He can make people believe that they can’t have fun and live life the way they want to if they’re Christian. You are free by God to live your life as you choose. But remember for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.
God allows us to live our lives the way we want, but it comes with being aware that we have to watch what we say and do in life. It doesn’t mean going to the clubs and getting drunk or as we say nowadays-wasted. You shouldn’t get wasted just to feel the effects of alcohol. It is even in the Bible that there are wine and drinks at weddings, but it is also in the Bible that we shouldn’t get drunk just for the pleasure of it.
Being Christian doesn’t mean we can’t have fun though either. We can have fun with each other and we can also have fun learning about God alone and in groups. We can have time with Him at any time one on one or in groups. It means wanting to have that personal time with your Savior. Being loved by the King of Kings should make any of us stop dead in our tracks and realize how blessed and fortunate we really are. Being a Christian doesn’t have mean life has to be a burden, it is filled with hope and a future.
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