What if one day you woke up and could no longer see, hear, taste, touch or smell anything? How would you react? Most of us probably would be in denial. We wouldn’t even know how to react.
We take many things for granted. Our senses are some of them. What if you were to suddenly lose the ability to see, smell, feel, walk, talk, or taste? What would your reaction be? What would you do? Your life would be drastically altered from that point on. Would you go into a depression or be sad for the rest of your life? Or would you take it all in stride and make the most of your life despite your loss of one of your senses?

Think about it for a second, if you absolutely had to pick, which sense would be both the hardest and easiest to lose? For me, personally losing my sense of hearing would be the hardest. I enjoy listening to music to the point that I am obsessed with it. I live through different types of music, especially soundtracks. I would have a very difficult time adjusting to the fact that I couldn’t hear my favorite songs or my favorite artists anymore. I try my best to not blast the songs I listen to directly into my ears so I don’t end up losing my hearing later in life, but I admit it’s hard not to turn up the music when there are so many amazing songs.  I would also struggle immensely if I ever lost my sense of touch. Not being able to have my sense of touch, and not being able to feel the embrace of the people that mean the most to me, it would be a crushing blow to me.
If you lost your sense of taste how would you enjoy food anymore? Would you have to force yourself to eat and try to remember what the food you love tastes like? Do you remember any times when you were sick and your nose was all stuffed up, so the food you were eating didn’t taste good? Imagine not being able to taste any food with your taste buds being gone.

If you lost your sense of smell how would you enjoy the smell of food as it was cooking on the stove or at a restaurant, or the smell after a rain storm, or even the smell of the ocean. Again, would you be able to enjoy the food you used to or would you have to force yourself to eat?
If you ever lost your sense of sight, you wouldn’t be able to see your friends and family members, your pets. You wouldn’t even be able to drive anymore. You would depend on everyone for your basic needs, even walking through your own house on your own would be scary because you wouldn’t know where anything is because you couldn’t see it anymore. You would have to rely on someone walking you around and then relying on trusting them to not lead you astray or make you fall. Talk about life altering, and the ultimate trust factor. You wouldn’t be able to see the ocean or the beach or the sunset anymore, or the pictures that you and your significant other took.
Even if you’d lose any of your senses, God would still be with you and make a way for you in your life even when there would seem to be no way. The love that He has for each of us as His children is amazing and unbreakable.
Losing your senses can help you not to take anything for granted in life as well. We sometimes don’t realize how blessed we truly are until something is taken away from us. If we lose something and realize how valuable it was to us, it teaches us the valuable lesson to not take everything else we have for granted. It helps us put into perspective what is really important in our lives and it also helps us figure out where our priorities lie. It gives us a chance to reevaluate everything and all of our perspectives in our lives and focus on what is really important. We can then spend more time with the people we love and enjoy their presence in our lives. We can also learn to appreciate the sights and the sounds around us.
When we see someone with one of their senses gone it often puts into perspective just how blessed we are to have all of them. We never know when something could take one of the senses away with an illness. Look at how productive people are, despite their difficulties. How much they enjoy their lives. How they further God’s kingdom. If they can do it,  even with their struggles, and without their sense of smell, taste sight, touch or hearing, we can certainly use all of our senses to help others and spread God’s word and His love to everyone.

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