Needing God

So often we are distracted by things that seem to run our lives. From the mundane routines that we have to do in order to keep things flowing in our day to day lives, to the chaos we feel when something doesn’t go exactly the way we want in any given moment. We get distracted by our daily schedules, our families’ activities, our kids needing help with their homework and taking them to and from their activities. When something bad happens in life, figuring out how to fix it is normally our priority. But instead of dropping to our knees in prayer and asking God to help us through the rough time, we so often forget to talk to Him and tell Him how we feel. Instead we go about complaining about how things are going wrong. We are often distracted by ourselves too. So often we forget to spend time with the one who gave us life. We are so busy that we forget to spend time with God. Or even worse, we purposely don’t make enough time for Him, because “there just isn’t enough time to slow down.” Well news flash here: every single one of us loves to relax after a long, exhausting day. Wouldn’t it make a difference if instead of curling up in front of the TV all the time, we make an appointment to be with God, one on one in His word, through prayer in secret, just between you and God or in a devotion with our family?

I’m not saying that every day we can’t watch TV to unwind, but if we spend more time with God and getting to know Him, instead of letting ourselves get distracted by the worldly things around us, how much more calmer and simpler would our lives be? Start to think about dedicating some time to Him, every day. Whether it is first thing in the morning if you’re an early riser or not, or if it is in the evening after work.
I admit, I should get better at making time for Him daily as well. I don’t always make that time or make Him a priority as I should. But, that is because just like the rest of us, I’m human and I’m a sinner. All we can do is try. I pray that you feel His presence and feel His tug at your heart. I pray that you want to and yearn to spend more time learning about your savior in a deep intimate level. The world is full of distractions and it always will be, but it is so important to make the time for God, both one on one and with our families. You can read the Bible together, pray together, or separately. Unfortunately, Satan is very good at making other temptations such as TV, porn, gambling, music and even sex, (just to name a few) seem better than spending time with God. They might seem better than spending time with God, but none of those things ever last forever.  But, we must listen to His voice in order to make life easier.
Some people may even be afraid to spend time with God, because of the times they’ve been distracted. But, take heart, God loves it when you come back to spending time with Him, no matter how long you haven’t prayed, or how long you’ve stayed away from Him. He has always been there with you, watching over you.
Distractions will always be there in life, but it’s important how we react to them. Are we going to continue to let the world distract us or are we going to get our priorities straight in our own lives and in our families, lives straight and spend more time with God? Think about how much we would benefit if we spent as much time with our Lord in prayer as we do complaining or freaking out about a problem that we have in our lives. Everything would be much simpler than it was before.
Philippians 4:6 says for us to not be afraid or anxious but to tell God how we are feeling no matter the time of day, night or no matter where we might be in our lives. He always wants us to call on Him and to Him. “Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.”
God wants us to be distracted by Him and His love, not by what the world makes us see and think. He wants us to get others distracted by Him and to show others His love and will for their lives as well. Allow yourself to be distracted by God and allow yourself to be immersed in His presence. This world and its distractions will one day fade away, but God will never fade away. Keep your eyes on God.

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