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There’s a miraculous love graced upon us. A freedom like no other that’s indescribable and endless. Ever consuming and consistent through every circumstance. As we breathe in life, we breathe the breath of God. As we exhale we release the breath of God.  Every breath we breathe is a true gift from God. As we gaze upon creation we are witnessing His glory. As we hear the wind we are experiencing the power of the Lord. Even though we can’t see the wind, we feel it. In the same way, we can’t see God, but we can feel His ever-present power in different ways. We can feel His presence in any form of His creation, the coolness of a spring day, the gentle words of a fellow believer, the comfort of His word. We can feel the power of God through the pastor speaking through a sermon at church.

As we hear the crashing of the waves of the ocean, we are witnessing His power in motion. We hear the birds sing and see them fly in the sky, we are reminded of the verse that tells us, “look of the birds of the air, they do not sew or reap or store away in barns and yet your heavenly father feeds them. Are you not more important than they?  Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life?” (Mathew 6:26-27). It reminds us to trust in His promises throughout our life, no matter the circumstances.

As we smell the freshness of a new spring day, we are reminded that the seasons are changing and that warmth and good things are to come in our lives, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. As we feel the warmth of the summer we are reminded of the warmth that surrounds us when we keep our trust in Him and surrender ourselves to His word. As the season changes to fall, we are reminded that with the change in seasons brings beauty. As we see the changing colors of the leaves, we are reminded that God brings about changes in life for all sorts of specific reasons. When we start to feel the brisk temperatures we can feel the changes in the world day to day. With those brisk temperatures, we are reminded to dress warmer and prepare for even colder weather. Just like with preparing for colder weather, we can prepare for the season in our lives changing by keeping in close connection and relationship with God.  When the winter comes, we can see the beauty of the first snow on the ground and we are reminded of His gentle promise to guide His people in their paths and we are also reminded to feel the stillness and quietness of Him and His love and compassion towards us throughout our lives.

The verse, “Be still and know that I am God,” in Psalm 46:10, reminds us to always be still and remember God’s power and His willingness to help all people.  We can continually turn to Him and count on Him through anything in our lives, no matter the size of our problems, whether big or small. There is a saying, don’t tell your God how big your problem is, tell your problem how big your God is.

As we feel the calmness after a thunderstorm we are reminded of His promise to take away any danger in life. We are also reminded of His promise to never flood the Earth again, when the rains recede and we see a rainbow in the sky. Genesis 9:11: “I establish my covenant with you. Never again will all life be destroyed by the waters of a flood. Never again will there be a flood to destroy the earth.” As we taste, not of the physical, but the spiritual, we can taste the sweetness of the love of the spirit within us.

Our senses are a powerful tool that we can utilize to consistently remind ourselves of God and what He is doing not only in our lives, but gaze upon glimpses of the bigger picture. Having the mindset of Christ is a task that must be worked on continuously. It is not an easy task to master. It takes much time and discipline.  Digging deeper, exposing things that were once hidden to our eyes when we were blinded by sin. Even though we are still blinded by sins that we commit daily, we can always rest assured that God loves us and sees us for who we really are. We are flawless in His eyes, even though we make mistakes.  By bringing our mistakes to light, we can bring ourselves out of darkness and give our lives a true purpose and learn from our mistakes. God enables us to become better people through our mistakes.  But we have to be willing to learn from them and enable ourselves to change for the better as well.

Remember He wants all of us. He wants all people to be saved by Him.  The bad in all of us doesn’t even matter to Him. To Him we are all the same. To Him, we are all flawless.  The cross represents love and sacrifice. The ultimate sacrifice, of God giving up His one and only son to save all humanity from death and eternal damnation. God graces us with His love, even when we don’t deserve it. He chose us, we didn’t choose Him. What a marvelous privilege and an honor to know that we are chosen by Christ. The next time you ever feel inferior, remember that He chose you for His purpose.

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