Watchwoman on the Wall

By Donna Calvin

December 18, 2012

Parents across America are wondering and asking, “What do I tell my children about the 20 kindergarteners and 6 adults that were massacred by a crazed evil cowardly maniac?” What do I say to my child so that he/she is not terrified to go to the same institution where 20 children were slaughtered without warning for no reason in cold blood while they were supposed to be in a safe environment, their school. School is the place where they will have to go every day for the next several years of their lives. What can I say?”

Yesterday, I watched the 700 Club and Pat Robertson was asked that question. He gave the best answer I have ever heard.


It didn’t come from the endless parade of secular grief counselors on the 24/7 news cycle stations, who quote the trite phrase: “trying to make sense of it all.”

No, it came from a man who aligns himself with God and believes in God’s power and the power of the Holy Scriptures and the power of prayer. Pat Robertson is frequently the target of the informed secular society’s elitists who place him and his worldview based on faith and belief in the Lord Jesus Christ, in the same category of those who should be ignored because of their off the wall, unworkable, uninformed, nuttier than last year’s fruitcake, religious, ineffective belief system.

Yet, I have not heard one intelligent secular grief counselor offer anything concrete. The most I’ve heard them say is talk to your children. Find out what they know.

Excuse me? The question is: “What do I tell my children?”

That question has been asked many times this week and it has been skirted roundabout by the secular “experts” like a politician on the take who is evading the pursuit of an investigative reporter with a mike in his hand shoved in their face accompanied by a TV cameraman running after the pair recording the embarrassing situation to air on the 11 o’clock news, while the reporter demands answers, while closing in on the guilty tail of the crook running through the parking lot of a public building. We all can almost feel the heat on the backs of our own necks, that the squirming public servant gone bad feels from being exposed.

Secular grief counselors are no better equipped to handle tough questions so they have to evade just like corrupt politicians who have taken advantage of the very people who elected them to office and are expected to serve. Secular counselors don’t have the answers because they don’t know the Solution. The Solution is not in secular grief counseling, but in learning the Truth and the One Who is Truth is absent from the secular arena. The very word “secular” reveals that.

So what is the answer? What do parents say to their young children to remove the abject, overpowering fear of death?

The Best Answer!

What do I tell my children?

Pat Robertson emphasized the positive side of death. He said to let children know about what God’s Heaven is like! To focus on God’s love for the little children whom have gone to heaven.

Robertson related the story of how Reagan explained death and the wonders of heaven to his child and did it maybe just a tad too effectively so that the youngster in their immaturity thought it would be a good thing to send their pet goldfish to heaven. Fortunately, the child didn’t follow through, but the idea is well-based to express to children explaining that there is a loving Father God in heaven who provides for those who die in innocence, believing in Jesus Christ.

Make the Unknown Known

Believing parents can explain how wonderful a place heaven is, relieving a child’s fears of the unknown. Make the unknown known. Believers do not have to fear death. In fact, there is no death for believers. Life in Christ is eternal. It changes from the world’s life we see and know of today to a much better life in heaven, but life is forever.

Pat Robertson’s simple explanation for the very youngest children used minimal words, but included the truth of the fact that some people are bad and some people are good. Bad people do bad things, but God is loving and provides heaven for the innocent children who enter into heaven where there is no more pain, no more sorrow, and no more tears and all is well for ever and ever.

Moreover, all who live in Christ on planet earth will live forevermore in Christ in heaven. All will be reunited in Christ forevermore. Their will be no more separation from loved ones. Children will be reunited with their earthly parents because of their Heavenly Father God. Because of Jesus Christ, death has been conquered. Life in the spirit is forevermore.

[John 14:6] Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

[Revelation 21:4] And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away.

Believing parents, not secular grief counselors, can relieve a child’s fear of death through the comfort of faith in Jesus Christ.

It can relieve yours too.


Definition of SECULAR
a : of or relating to the worldly or temporal <secular concerns>
b : not overtly or specifically religious <secular music>
c : not ecclesiastical or clerical <secular courts> <secular landowners>

: not bound by monastic vows or rules; specifically : of, relating to, or forming clergy not belonging to a religious order or congregation <a secular priest>

a : occurring once in an age or a century
b : existing or continuing through ages or centuries
c : of or relating to a long term of indefinite duration <secular inflation>



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Posted by Donna Calvin — Tuesday, December 18, 2012
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