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Put this link in your bookmarks so you can come back here again and again and be uplifted by Tommie Scott, an ex-gang member, turned believer, a born-again Christian!  

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Tommie Scott and his beautiful bride. Pray for Tommie to be faithful always to his lovely bride here on earth, to be faithful to the Bride of Christ-the True Christian Church of Jesus Christ, and to be ever faithful and true to his God the Father and His Only Begotten Son, our Savior and Messiah Jesus Christ, Who Art in Heaven. God grant Tommie and his bride all the blessings You can to further this much needed ministry!  In Jesus Christ’s name, we pray…Amen.


Tommie Scott made a great video.  Watch it below!  Click the large arrow in the Center of video.

Tommie has written a book. For information on how to get it into every jail in America & UK, scroll to the end.

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  • pierrebrseven

    pierrebrseven 1 day ago

    I am extremely proud of this young brave black man. He has the courage to address the inconsistantcy of professed “Christian” leaders and their blatantly unchristian message and agenda..Sadly, so many in the black churches buy into it even as their sponsors planned parenthood concentrate in and destroy the black community.

  • Tommie Scott
  • ogcmike

    ogcmike 1 day ago

    i’ve been saying this for a few years speaking on these so called Reverends i went to look at some of al sermons no teaching of the gospel just FRUITLESS hoopin and hollering and stands for everything Christ is against!(gay marriage for example) keep speaking truth my brother in Christ!

  • Tommie Scott

    Tommie Scott 30 minutes ago


    · in reply to ogcmike
  • mrivard81

    mrivard81 1 day ago

    A breath of fresh air my friend. I’m so fed up with the race hustlers and the hate mongers that pollute American minds with nonsense. I long for the day that we throw off these shackles of hate. We need to let it die, and the sooner we do we can then begin our work; together. We need to have an honest discussion about the state of our society because we need EVERYONE helping in this undertaking. WE THE PEOPLE must supplant the “my people” way of thinking. No man will ever do my talking for me.

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  • Tommie Scott

    Tommie Scott 31 minutes ago

    Right, if we don’t use our on mind, we blindly follow anyone.

    · in reply to mrivard81

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  • Juliet Forrester

    Juliet Forrester 4 days ago

    You are ahead of your time – a voice for our future. I hope this video is watched by millions. People on every side of this issue should speak as thoughtfully as you – the world would be a better place. Please continue to share your thoughts.

    · 4
  • Walang Diyos

    Walang Diyos 5 days ago

    Good video, keep it up.

    · 3


Tommie Scott Published the following on his web page July, 2013

No Al, No Jesse, No NAACP, where are they in the black community, where blacks are murdering blacks.



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