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President Obama delivered a speech today which the New York Times labeled “a sweeping plan to address climate change.” In reality he is declaring war on the coal industry and your wallet.

 War on Coal Billboar

Tuesday, June 25, 2013
From: Gary L. Bauer

Obama Declares War On Coal

Don’t take my word for it. The New York Times quoted Daniel Schrag, a member of Obama’s presidential science panel, which is advising the White House on this issue. “The one thing the president really needs to do now is to begin the process of shutting down the conventional coal plants,” Schrag said. “Politically, the White House is hesitant to say they’re having a war on coal. …a war on coal is exactly what’s needed.”

This is not a sudden shift. Don’t forget that in 2008 Obama promised to bankrupt the coal industry.

Combating climate change might sound like a laudable goal to some. But this is a very radical idea. In fact it is so radical that it failed to pass three years ago when Democrats controlled a super-majority vote in the Senate.

There were plenty of reasons why many Democrats opposed Obama’s climate change plan then and those reasons are still valid today. Here are just a few:

Stop the war on coal, fire Obama

  • Higher energy costs. Even with low natural gas prices, coal still produces most of our electricity.
  • Higher gas prices. If you think gasoline is too expensive now, just wait until Obama’s carbon tax kicks in. A 2010 Harvard study estimated that to achieve Obama’s climate change goals, gasoline prices would have to rise to $7 a gallon.
  • Higher food prices. Carbon taxes and regulations would have a tremendous impact on the price of fertilizers and pesticides, not to mention all the goods in your local grocery store that are transported by trucks paying $7 a gallon for diesel!
  • More foreign aid. Obama is pledging billions of your hard-earned dollars for “international climate mitigation and adaption projects,” but many developing nations are demanding far more.
  • Science far from settled. Forty years ago, scientists were concerned about global cooling. Global warming isn’t happening as predicted. And I don’t think the warming on Mars is the result of our SUVs.

Everybody wants clean air and clean water. But as I wrote yesterday, climate change is just one more way for liberals to justify higher taxes and big government control over our lives. Sadly, the environmentalist movement has been hijacked by radical socialists.

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