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Height of insanity: CNN’s John King afraid to describe potential bombing suspect  

[This type of color-blind, fear-based reporting is not new.  I’m a little older than many of you, so I remember when The Cleveland Plain Dealer, The Cleveland News, and The Cleveland Press were NOT allowed to say the word “black” or “negro” to describe a murder or rape suspect back in the late 1950’s and 60’s.  Ignoring the skin color – That was common practice in those race-riot filled days!  Even if it meant saying that the person who was still in the wind and who police were still looking for was colored or dark-skinned – and free to rape or murder again!  That’s right, the police description of the suspect’s skin color was not permitted in the newspapers if he was black.  And when they were caught and put on trial, not one word of skin color was allowed — so they put in pictures.  Well, America survived that.  We’ll survive John King and Al Sharpton, too, and all the other raging race baiters and all those who fear the truth.  BYW, after reading this, I wonder what Al Sharpton calls his skin color? — Donna Calvin]


CNN’s John King is afraid to say dark-skinned male – and Al Sharpton didn’t disappoint us. He ranted and raved like his usual self! I’m no fan of Big Media, but even I have to feel sorry for the poor distressed souls in Big Media who apparently no longer have the right to free speech! America has lost it’s moral compass, my friends. What Constitution? Pray we find it and restore America again!

As Glenn explained on radio today, TheBlaze isn’t rooting for the bombing suspect to be of any particular race or political affiliation. TheBlaze only seeks the truth and will let the chips fall where they may. But the mainstream media has been so concerned with ‘offending’ people, so paralyzed with fear, they aren’t even reporting key facts. Yesterday, CNN’s John King took political correctness to a new extreme while trying to describe a possible bombing suspect.

Click here to WATCH CNN’s John King struggle to say the words “dark skinned male” because he knows he is going to be scorched and scorned for it!  Do you think he’s thinking about his career’s future?

[I can’t get this John King video to embed, but you must see it and then watch down below the rantings of the raging Al Sharpton in response to one of the most liberal Big Media left’s misery in trying to describe the looks of a suspect in the Boston Marathon Bombing as he stumbles and apologizes for saying “dark skinned male”.  Well, as you can guess – there’s no forgiveness in Al Sharton’s heart!!!  This is a must see — both videos!  This is the race-war we have raging in America today — and here it is, in all it’s glory, betwixt two lefties!  It shows the demise of America’s sanity and the ensuing insanity resulting from the failure of the left-liberal media’s accommodating of the hate-all-we-can liberal left’s political base — who keeps demanding more and more and more and more.  Greed is never satisfied! — Donna Calvin]

CNN’s John King took political correctness to a new extreme yesterday during his highly criticized and erroneous coverage of the Boston Marathon bombing investigation.

“I’m trying really hard not to be angry, but there’s such righteous indignation,” Glenn said on radio this morning. “When I saw John King yesterday on CNN – and I presented it as laughter yesterday because the staff was laughing because it was so – it was a clown show.”

After reporting that a suspect had been identified in video footage, King went on the air around 1:45PM to report “an arrest had been made” in connection with the bombing. He attributed the report, which turned out to be completely false, to two unnamed sources – one in law enforcement and another who had spoken to a colleague of his. But political correctness soon got in the way of the story:

KING: I want to be very careful with this because people get very sensitive when you say these things. I was told by one of the sources, who is a law enforcement official, this was a dark skinned male. The official used some other words. I’m not going to repeat them until I get more information.

THE BLAZE – Glenn Beck’s motto – THE TRUTH LIVES HERE!

“He’s not going to use ‘other words,’” Glenn asked. “What are those other words? Foreign national, Saudi, Arab? And who is offended by this, John? CNN, look at yourself in the mirror. Who is offended by this? Saudis? Foreign nationals that are bad? Al-Qaeda? Muslim terrorists?”

Once it became clear no arrests had been made, King returned to the air to say, “Clearly there was confusion or some misinformation.” But the damage was already done.

“So they get on and they flush their credibility down the toilet,” Glenn said. “Because John King comes in and says, ‘I’ve got breaking news, We had just confirmed by a Boston police authority that they have just taken in a suspect, and he’s going to be brought to court, and I don’t want to use some of the language that they use to describe this individual, I’m going to say he’s a dark skinned man.’”

When you take into consideration the story TheBlaze broke this morning – that the Saudi student who had been questioned in connection with the bombings may now be deported because of “terrorist activities” – it becomes clear that sometimes the truth is sensitive, sometimes the truth is unpleasant, but it still must be reported.



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