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Calvin’s Commentary: Take Note and Remember that it is Biblically sound to keep and bear arms. Gun control is anti-Biblical. Possession of weapons is never discouraged in Scripture. Read [1 Samuel 13:19-21]. In fact, it is God Himself that teaches us how to defend ourselves. Read [Psalms 144:1]. Jesus said the same in the New Testament: Read [Luke 22:36] . God orders that a man can protect his home with lethal force. Read [Exodus 22:2] ~:~ Also, when you get to the end of the list be sure to read a comment I included from a “police loophole” reader.  It’s well-worth reading! Note too, if you have any trouble reading the list below, it looks much better at Police Loophole’s web site. ▬ Donna Calvin ▬ Monday, February 25, 2013


What is the police loophole?

There are some states, counties, cities, and municipalities in our great nation that fail to allow their citizens to fully exercise their right to keep and bear arms with restrictions such as magazine capacity or types of firearms that are widely available to citizens of other states, counties, cities, and municipalities. However, these government entities do not place these restrictions upon their own employees, such as police officers. It is important to note that we are against gun control; we are not against any particular government agency or individuals.

What is this list?

This is a list of companies that have taken the step to publicly announce that they will not sell items to states, counties, cities, and municipalities that restrict their citizens rights to own them; therefore closing the “police loophole” themselves.

Don’t see one that has given notice on here or represent a company that you would like on the list? Send me an email at with “Loophole” in the subject. Please also include a link to the written policy either on Facebook or your website. I cannot host policies on this site.

Nice List (List can be sorted by clicking the column headers)

Company Website Notice Date Notes
AmmoClip Website Long Standing
Extreme Firepower Inc, LLC Website Long Standing
Cheaper Than Dirt Facebook Long Standing
MidwayUSA Twitter Long Standing
Barrett Website Long Standing
Dead Bang Guns Website Long Standing
Tier One Arms Website 2013-01-15
Old Grouch’s Military Surplus Facebook 2013-01-15
Predator Intelligence Facebook 2013-02-01
LaRue Tactical Facebook 2013-02-08
Southwest Shooting Authority Website 2013-02-09
Olympic Arms Facebook 2013-02-12 Currently applies to New York State only
Templar Custom Facebook 2013-02-13 Currently applies to New York State only
York Arms Website 2013-02 Currently applies to New York State only
Southern Appalachian Arms Facebook 2013-02-15
Bullwater Enterprises LLC Facebook 2013-02-16 dba A & T Firearms
West Fork Armory Facebook 2013-02-16 Currently applies to New York State only
Iron Goat Guns Website 2013-02-16
Trident Armory Facebook 2013-02-17
Smith Enterprise, Inc Website 2013-02-17 Currently applies to New York State only
Alex Arms Website 2013-02-17
OFA Tactical Facebook 2013-02-17
Spike’s Tactical Facebook 2013-02-18
Quality Arms Idaho Website 2013-02-19
Liberty Suppressors Facebook 2013-02-19 Currently applies to New York State only
J&T Family of Companies Facebook 2013-02-19 J&T Distributing, Ace Limited, DoubleStar Corp., DoubleStar Training Academy
American Spirit Arms YouTube 2013-02-19
Primary Weapons Systems Facebook 2013-02-19
Tactical Solutions Website 2013-02-20 Currently applies to New York State only
Head Down Products, LLC Facebook 2013-02-20 Currently applies to New York State only
Exile Machine Website 2013-02
J&G Sales, Ltd Facebook 2013-02-20
Bravo Company USA Website 2013-02-20
ACE LTD. Website 2013-02-20
Kiss Tactical Facebook 2013-02-20
NEMO Arms, Inc Facebook 2013-02-21 Currently applies to New York State only
Top Gun Supply Facebook 2013-02-21
Red Jacket Firearms Facebook 2013-02-21
Rock River Arms Website 2013-02-21 Currently applies to New York State only
Crusader Weaponry Website 2013-02-21
Badger Peak Facebook 2013-02-22
Controlled Chaos Arms Facebook 2013-02-22
Big Horn Armory Facebook 2013-02-22
One Source Tactical Website 2013-02-22
CMMG Facebook 2013-02-22
SRT Arms Website 2013-02-22
Norton Firearms Website 2013-02-22
Umlaut Industries LLC Facebook 2013-02-22
Warbirds Custom Guns Website 2013-02-22
JABTAC Website 2013-02-22
Stoner Arms Facebook 2013-02-22
3 Rivers Precision LLC Facebook 2013-02-22
2A Firearms Facebook 2013-02-22
Lanco Tactical LLC Facebook 2013-02-22
Thunder Beast Arms Corp Website 2013-02-22
2A Armament Facebook 2013-02-22
Rocky Top Tactical Facebook 2013-02-22
Semper Fi Arms Facebook 2013-02-22
Predator Tactical Website 2013-02-23
Rhino Arms LLC Website 2013-02-23
Delmarva Shooting Supply Facebook 2013-02-23
OJ’s Gun Shop Facebook 2013-02-23
OCS Guns Facebook 2013-02-23
Progressive Micro Devices Website 2013-02-23
Citizen Arms Website 2013-02-23
Csspecs Magazines Website 2013-02-24
MFI Website 2013-02-24
Gwacs Armory LLC Website 2013-02-24
Huntertown Arms Website 2013-02-24
Daniel Byer FFL Facebook 2013-02-24
Critical Survival LLC Facebook 2013-02-24
Dogleg Arms Facebook 2013-02-24
Victory Defense Website 2013-02-24

Total Companies: 73

FYI – Thought you might enjoy some of the comments left at the web site where I picked up this list …
Here’s an example …
Donna Calvin ▬ Monday, February 25, 2013

Comment from Keyan Wayne
Since that is what they think of the Constitution.

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