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    Watchwoman Update – 9/19/2012…When I first saw this article and posted it in April, I wasn’t aware that Muslims were actually crucifying human beings, including Christians, in Egypt!  People in Washington DC have much greater access to these things than we common citizens do.  Did this top EPA aid of Obama’s know of the crucifixions already taking place in Egypt when he made this horrific statement? – Donna Calvin


Note that Obama has refused to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, but is meeting with the Muslim Brotherhood in the White House!


WARNING – I have put the video at the very end, because it is so graphic and disturbing!!!  You will have to scroll even below the “disclaimer”.

NOTE: Beliefnet may take out the video, so if you want to see it, here is the link to where it is posted ↓↓↓


Documented! Blood thirst that killed ‘spy’ accused of U.S. sympathies

by Michael CarlEmail | Archive

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Egypt’s President Morsi meeting with Christian leaders

EDITOR’S NOTE: The image and video below are extremely graphic. View with caution.

There’s shocking new evidence from the Middle East of crucifixion by Muslims, this time of a “spy” in Yemen who allegedly was accused of U.S. sympathies.

WND recently confirmed a Sky News Arabia report of the crucifixion of dissidents in Egypt.

According to a report by Lebanon Today translated into English, the Yemeni jihadist group Ansar al-Shariah took control of the Azzan area of Yemen and imposed Islamic law, or Shariah.

In the process, the group crucified three men, accusing them of being agents for the U.S. The executions reportedly took place several months ago.

Former PLO operative turned terrorism analyst Walid Shoebat says the inscription in the photo of one of the victims reads, “He was crucified for three days in accordance to Shariah.”

Shoebat says Lebanon Today reported the group carried out the Shariah-prescribed penalties, explaining the multiple executions were retribution for passing information to U.S. forces to carry out attacks by pilot-less drones.

According to Shoebat’s translation, the report said:

“One they nicknamed ‘Captain’ was executed by crucifixion for three days at the entrance to the city of Jaar in the Abyan province, to be viewed by passersby entering and leaving the city.

“Two Saudis and a Yemeni were also executed by the sword at dawn at the hands of Ansar al-Shariah, and [the terrorists] absolved [a] fourth defendant from execution for his young age..

“A leader in Ansar al-Islam claimed that these who were executed belong to the province of Marib, [and were executied] for planting trackers on cars that belong to al-Qaida leaders to be targeted by the drones.”

According to Shoebat, the article said an analyst in the region claimed the crucifixions are “something new.”

The report said:

“One researcher, Saeed Obaid Elaf, said that, ‘The incidents of these executions never occurred previously in Yemen but follows the sequence of events which occurred previously in Afghanistan and Iraq [where] … Islam is the religion of the state. In Iraq these [terrorists] see Iraq as the Islamic State of Iraq.

“‘In Afghanistan, the ones who receive this type of executions are those who are considered spies. But in Yemen this is the first time we have seen such phenomenon, which has become a natural thing now because al-Qaida now exercises the powers of the state and it’s natural that it carries out such executions.”

Besides the image of the Yemeni brutality (right), video has been posted online of the punishment.

WARNING – I have put the video at the very end, because it is so graphic and disturbing!!!  You will have to scroll even below the “disclaimer”.

NOTE: Beliefnet may take out the video, so if you want to see it, here is the link to where it is posted ↓↓↓


The caption to the video explained it was a “spy who was executed by extremists for placing sensors in militant’s cars to direct U.S. attacks on them.”

“This occurred during the recent Yemeni revolution to oust the long serving president, when extremists took advantage of the lapse in security as the former president diverted his attention to fighting the revolution instead of extremists.”

Shoebat said his sources confirmed there had been eight executions about the same time, including three by crucifixion and another five by beheading.

At about the same time that the crucifixion was being reported in Egypt, President Mohamed Morsi was meeting with Egypt’s Christian leaders.

Here’s the video: (EDITOR’S NOTE: The images in the video are extremely graphic. View with caution.)

WARNING – I have put the video at the very end, because it is so graphic and disturbing!!!  You will have to scroll even below the “disclaimer”.


NOTE: Beliefnet may take out the video, so if you want to see it, here is the link to where it is posted ↓↓↓


In a press statement about the Aug. 22 meeting, the Episcopal-Anglican Bishop of Egypt, Mouneer Hanna Anis, said he’s hopeful, according to the Arabic-language, Iranian state- owned satellite TV channel Al Alam.

“We told the president that we are aware that he received a heavy responsibility at a very difficult time in Egypt’s history and we all need to be patient and hard-working in order to see the desired fruits,” Anis said, according to the report, which was translated by Shoebat.

“The president assured us that he is working to achieve the dream of Egypt: to be a democratic and modern country where the rights of citizenship and the constitution are held up high,” Anis said.

Anis was optimistic.

“In the end, we came out of the meeting very encouraged and determined to do our best in order to see the Egypt that we dream of. Please pray for our president, for all religious leaders, and for our beloved country Egypt,” Anis said.

Shoebat believes that for Morsi, the meeting was a photo opportunity.

“It was ‘warm and fuzzy,’ but it seems that all the Christian leaders express support of Morsi and refused to join the August 24 demonstrations. They denounced public unrest against Morsi,” Shoebat said.

Ultimately, Shoebat believes the Christian leaders are showing support for Morsi out of fear.

Shoebat earlier said he’s not surprised by the crucifixions in Egypt, because the Parliament debated legalizing it as a method of execution in accordance with Shariah.

“The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood leadership and the Salafist leaders who are in parliament definitely called on crucifixion as a form of punishment,” he said.

Shoebat said the crucifixion discussion has been around for some time, and he referenced an announcement by an Egyptian member of parliament from the Nour (Salafist) Party calling for ‘strict enforcement’ of Islamic law.

Conditions for Egypt’s Copts appear to be deteriorating significantly. A video posted on YouTube shows the Copts mourning the violence and reporting Muslims are kidnapping Coptic women and forcing them into slavery.

See the Arabic report:

Shoebat said the story is heartbreaking.

“When you watch the two scenes by the priest and by the woman you will think this must be a movie, but it’s not, it’s real. … They have been trying to get their voices out to no avail, but it was all in Arabic,” Shoebat said.

“No one is listening. Brace yourself for some serious shock therapy. This is a very serious subject, and I will raise a stink, from here to the White House. People need to see it!” Shoebat said.

WND’s earlier report cited an Arabic-language video news report from Abu Dhabi-based Sky News Arabia. It confirmed a WND story about the latest method of attack on Christians in Egypt.

WND previously reported on the claims of crucifixion, but the reports had been challenged, with one writer at Canada’s National Post calling it a “hoax.”

But the English translation of a section of the Sky News report, circled in red in the video, states members of the Muslim Brotherhood “crucified” dissidents “naked on trees in front of the presidential palace.”

Under the headline “Crucified Dissidents In Front of the Presidential Palace,” the report, translated into English, said:

“Samir Omar – Cairo

“Arabic Sky News

“Sky News correspondent confirmed that members of the Muslim Brotherhood crucified dissidents to Muhammad Mursi naked on trees in front of the presidential palace. In addition, other demonstrators from the Muslim Brotherhood closed the gates not allowing entry to Media City in the area of Sixth of October as they attacked popular media figures. The demonstrators also yelled slogans denouncing the Farayeen TV station Tawfiq Akasheh and others whom they termed ‘Corrupt Media’ as one attacked the editor of Yaum Sabi’ (Seventh Day) Newspaper Khalid Salah. Eyewitnesses also confirmed that groups from the Muslim Brotherhood arrived in special buses and motor vehicles attacking with signs that say ‘The Media of Corruption.’ These groups then were divided in sections to close the entryways blocking entry and exit from Media City.”

Several Arab newspapers also referenced the crucifixions, and a number of websites reported them, including one that posted an image of a man who had been targeted but apparently survived with a gaping wound in his side.

Said Shoebat of the image: “Al Dostour, a reputable Egyptian newspaper under the title ‘The Muslim Brotherhood Crucify Dissidents in Front of The Presidential Palace in Egypt,’ showed a photo that was originally taken by al-Watan News of a man the Egyptian security forces saved. The side of his flesh looks as it has been literally eaten away, its a gruesome photo which can be seen with the full article.”

Tunisia-Sat also reported on the crucifixions, Shoebat said.

Yet another site posted a photo of the Sky News article, including what apparently is a naked man who was rescued. The report, translated for WND by another Arabic translator, states the Muslim Brotherhood crucified several protesters against the president of Egypt in front of the presidential palace.

Read more: See graphic video:



Posted by Donna Calvin — Monday, September 17, 2012
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