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Watchwoman’s Editorial Comment: Once again, I am not claiming that this video is or is not a hoax. That is for you to decide. I can’t translate the Arab languages, so I have no idea if the translation is accurate. I know this, that 3000 Americans died on 9-11 and Danny Pearl, a Jewish newsman was beheaded by Muslims, along with many innocent others, and many like Pastor Youcef are being falsely imprisoned in Muslim gulags because they refuse to deny their faith in Jesus Christ. I have read what the Muslims are saying about this video and it is horribly critical of the Jews and they are blaming them for making this up, claiming it is not true. Here at Watchwoman, I try to be fair and balanced. I forward you what is transpiring around the Net and it is up to you to make a decision on its validity. Word Warriorette’s and Watchwoman’s motto is: Will forward, You decide. At least when something is in doubt or being disputed, I am up-front and honest with you. I tell you both sides, something the commie lame-stream news media, the NY Times, the Washington Compost, Matt Lauer of the NBC Today Show, ABC’s news anchor George Stephenopolos, Brian Ross, Bob Schieffer of CBS, or Danny Boyle (the director-writer of the Opening Ceremony at the London Olympics) fails to convey. They present ONLY what aids and abets their left-winged, hate-the-Tea-Party, anti-Christian bias and personal Democrat-supporting Marxist bigotry.  Donna Calvin ▬ Monday, July 30, 2012


Wahhabi Fatwa Permits Sodomy to Widen the Anus as a Means to Jihad

Typical of pedohammedans, now their blaming… surprise! the Israelis for “creating the hoax they debunked” Even when confronted with factual evidence, like a video, they delude themselves into believing it’s all a hoax created by the jews, they tell so many lies that at the end of the day they believe their own BS, they’re pathological mythomaniacs. It’s a hoax to say that this fatwa is a hoax.

MEMRI has just added and translated the same video I relied on in my “Sodomy for the Sake of Islam” — the same video Electronic Intifada is trying toportray as a “hoax.”


Are there no depths to which muslims will not sink?

I guess we now have our answer!

As far as being a possible hoax – well i suppose anything is possible – but the increasing incidence of extraordinary stupidity displayed by some muslims makes the seemingly bizarre not only possible or plausible – but actually quite probable.

Interesting casuistry here. once again, Islam allows what God disallows, as long as it is for the pleasure or benefit of Muslim males.


Title of video on You Tube – London-Based Shiite Cleric Abdallah Al-Khilaf: Wahhabi Fatwa Permits Sodomy to Widen the Anus as a Means to Jihad


(Closed Caption Translation)

YouTube Preview Image


Text copied from You Tube:
The Internet, Fadak TV (U.K.) – June 16, 2012
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Posted by Donna Calvin — Monday, July 30, 2012
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