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Steve Vaus


Mrs. Corrie Vaus their beautiful daughter

Watchwoman: Steve Vaus is my #1 favorite patriotic, conservative, pro-life, Christian song writer, singer, producer, and recording artist!  I promise you will love every one of his recordings and be uplifted, inspired and motivated.  Don’t miss going to his web site! .  I’ve bought every CD he’s ever recorded since I first heard of him back in the early 1990’s on the old Chuck Harder program when we conservatives were nearly starving to death, long before all the conservative talk show hosts who play across the dial these days were non-existent, when only the left-winged garbage from ABC, NBC, and CBS (ABC – Always Been Communist) (NBC – Nothing But Communism) and (CBS – Communist Broadcasting System) dominated every available airwave and there was no conservative movement because we had no real organization like we do now.  Back then I used to listen to Chuck Harder over 1330 AM, a Lake County 40-watt station that I couldn’t even hear on my radio, but they simulcast over a cable TV station we subscribed to at the time.  Steve Vaus’ music, starting with “We Must Take America Back” was the lifter of my head.  I knew I wasn’t alone, knowing something was dreadfully wrong with America but not knowing what to do about it.  Thank you, Steve.  Watchwoman Readers, please read the item below and please, please, don’t miss the opportunity to be a part of the wonderful music from Steve Vaus!  (I can still hear like an earworm “Way down upon a Swanee River….” that ol’Chuck Harder theme song.)

Steve Vaus and his horse at his ranch

Vaus family – Daughters Anna, Amanda, Emily and son Jacob

I just listened to Steve Vaus’ personal testimony, please, you must hear it!  Everyone who has ever thought they couldn’t overcome an evil background, I promise you, this will bring you the greatest joy imaginable.  We can all be saved in Jesus Christ!  No sinner is too evil to remain unsaved!   Please, please, please click over to Steve Vaus’ web site!  Click here to visit.  ▬  Donna Calvin


Faith, Family, Revival

I’ve posted a new video on my web site to give some background on my new “Faith, Family, Revival” cd. It is different than anything I have ever done. Click here to visit.


I look forward to sharing the new music with you. Please take a few minutes, watch the video and share it with your friends. I hope it touches you.

Steve Vaus

 Visit Steve’s Personal Page


Posted by Donna Calvin — Saturday, May 19, 2012


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