Watchwoman: “Coincidence? Obama camp peddles 2012 ‘Hoodies’ “ — If I were Obama, I’d reconsider this move real quick. If he wants the Hispanic vote, don’t you think he would not be sporting hoodies?  I don’t think the Dem’s have thought this one through!  I mean the Black Panther group has put out a $10,000 WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE bounty on a Hispanic man, George Zimmerman.  Don’t you think this might stir up counter protests in the Hispanic communities?  Well, we shall see what we shall see.  How close knit are the Hispanics and do they really care about one of their own?  The killing of Trayvon Martin has turned into a circus of who hates who more!  How sad.  How pathetic.  While this is a real interesting course of events, isn’t it, has anyone really cared about the principles involved in all this who are being exploited, now even a woman in Sanford, Florida, whose address has been Tweeted around the world saying George Zimmerman, the man with a $10,000 bounty on his head, lives there!  Good grief, when is this nightmarish slasher movie going to end?  Because it may turn out to be a slasher movie before it finally ends with a pile of dead bodies and a river of blood.  I think it is high time, real Christians of all colors start to pray for everyone involved in this horror movie, especially for that poor woman in Sanford, Florida, who is likely being visited by vengeful, money-hungry-hired-for-murder, drugged and brainwashed, blood-thirsty bounty hunters, with evil lurking in every dark corner of their hearts, poised with itchy fingers ready to pull their triggers.  God help us, the Democrat exploiters have turned the state of Florida into a hot-pit of Mexican Drug Cartel-types of lawless nuts with guns!  The Democrats will do anything to get laws passed to get rid of guns, because that’s who the Democrats will blame for the coming carnage!  They won’t blame the race-baiters.  They won’t blame the Black Panthers.  They won’t blame Spike Lee for Tweeting the wrong address for Zimmerman.  No, they’ll blame guns!  On second thought, maybe the Dem’s have thought this through???   —   It’s not only Democrat President

Zachary Reed, Cleveland City Councilman, admits his problem with alcohol in 2008. Wears hoodie in 2012 in solidarity with Justice for Trayvon.

Obama who has made a connection with hoodies, last night on the 11 o’clock Fox 8 news we Greater Clevelanders watched Democrat Zack Reed, Ward 2 – Cleveland City Councilman (previously known as the arrested drunken driver councilman Zack Reed) dramatically take off his suit coat at a Cleveland City Council meeting and replace it, pulling a hoodie over his head, announcing his solidarity with “Justice for Trayvon” and, at the same time, apparently the Black Panthers, but demonstrating his disdain for Hispanic Zimmerman.  Cleveland has a huge Hispanic community, and evidently Zack Reed, Ward 2 – Cleveland City Councilman, doesn’t care about that Hispanic block of voters either.  ▬ Donna Calvin

From: WTAM Cleveland Radio News, 1100 AM
Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Coincidence? Obama camp peddles 2012 ‘Hoodies’

So when the Obama camp announced via Twitter yesterday that it was putting its 2012 hoodies on sale, it got some thinking: Is the President trying to capitalize off the death of Martin?

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  10. Coincidence? Obama camp peddles 2012 ‘Hoodies’ (Cleveland Councilman sports hoodie at Cleveland Meeting)
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  18. Former NAACP leader accuses Sharpton, Jackson of ‘exploiting’ Treyvon Martin, says C.L. Bryant
  19. ‘Cracker’ T-shirt hits Florida streets – You never want a serious crisis to go to waste!
  20. Witness Says Trayvon Martin Attacked George Zimmerman



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