Geez, I had no idea.  It’s actually Interfaith Heroes Month, at least according to David Crumm, late of the Detroit Free Press and now the editor of  Today he asks one of my favorite persons in the world, Sheryl Fullerton (my editor at Jossey-Bass) to reflect on inter-faith work, and she speaks of another of my favorite persons in the world, Samir Selmanovic, the convener of the amazing Faith House Manhattan.  Sheryl is currently editing Samir’s first book, and here’s her money quote:

I remember when I first opened up Samir’s proposal. His opening
statement hit me right between the eyes: “For years I’ve been talking
about three monotheistic religions to faith house manhattan.pngnonbelievers. And here is what I
hear: ‘At best, Jews, Christians, and Muslims look like three religious
stooges in a slapstick comedy. At worst, they look like three brothers
with hands clasped in prayer and soaked in blood.’ We have littered
history with incredible amounts of stupidity, injustice and suffering.
The world has simply had it with us. They are not listening anymore…
Judaism, Christianity, and Islam have painted a picture of God that is
difficult to admire, much less worship….Either monotheism will die, or

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