My dear friend, Carla, and her co-blogger Caryn over at TheMommyRevolution answer with a robust No!  Money Quote:

It boarders on idolatry. Dave made a statement that
troubles me to no end. It is just the kind of statement that sends a

deeper message to mothers: Dave mentions that a woman’s proper focus is
the family. I’m not sure where he gets that. Well, I know where he gets
it, but I don’t know what biblical basis he has for that statement. As
I said, the gospel doesn’t include specifics about parenting. Jesus
didn’t exempt mothers from participating in God’s work in the world.
And Jesus wasn’t just talking to the men when he told his followers to
feed and clothe and visit the poor and imprisoned. The idea that my
three children are more important than other people goes against
everything the Bible teaches. It makes an idol of my family. So I can’t
justify having tunnel vision about my parenting. I can’t call myself a
Christian and then live a life that centers only on a small, select
group of people-no matter how much I love those people. And I can’t
fathom God giving me gifts and passions and dreams with the intention
that I limit the use of those to the lives of three people. There is a
huge, hurting world out there and mothers-with our heightened
compassion, our deepened sense of justice, our ever-growing longing for
a better world-are uniquely qualified to get out there and work toward
bringing about the kingdom of God. I could go on and on about mothers
who have changed the world, but we’ll save that for another post.
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