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As I wrote yesterday, I have a complicated relationship with God. Have had for a long time. But I’d always been comfortable with that – until I had kids… I wrote yesterday that I want my children to know God, …Read More

(I wrote this post three years ago. I’m reposting it here, with some minor amendments, in two parts, because I’m still grappling with these issues and am no closer to answers – indeed, I’d say that I am further from …Read More

(Or, Just Because You Can’t Achieve Lift-Off Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Chase The Sun. Or Small Children.)

Yesterday, my husband and I celebrated our thirteenth wedding anniversary. And by celebrated, I mean we made grilled cheese sandwiches for the kids and then fell asleep before ten o’clock. We’ve been married thirteen years. We’ve been parents for four. …Read More

Yeah, um, don’t do that, ‘kay? Because, seriously. The sign says don’t pick up… … the baby pygmy… … Never mind.

Emilia: “Mommy, Grandpa lives in Heaven now.” Me: “I know.” Emilia: “Does that mean that he’s an angel?” Me: “Yes, sweetie, I think that it does.” Emilia: “And do angels have wings?” Me: “I think so.” Emilia: “Does that mean …Read More

Sisters and cousins and babies, oh my: a family portrait (me, my sister, and our children), as conceived and directed and shot by Emilia, age three and three quarters. Emilia has a very promising future with Sears Portrait Studios, I …Read More

We spent the weekend going to country fairs. We spent the weekend on Ferris Wheels and watching tractor pulls and eating cotton candy and ice cream. It was good. My heart still aches, and I still struggle, daily – hourly …Read More

From the Life Goes On files: Emilia prepares for her first day at Big Kid School. Oof, my heart. OOF.

I think that I might be having an existential breakdown. That, or I’m just exhausted and depressed after a month of dealing with the aftermath of my father’s death. Or both. I think both. The death of my father rattled …Read More