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Hit “Like” to share this with your friends! Weird Al finally parodies Lady Gaga.  There simply isn’t much to add to this. Related – Lady Gaga’s Inspiring New Commercial Follow the Prophet of Pop on Twitter and on Facebook!

Record Store Day is one of the greatest days of the year – a day set aside to give business to your local record shops.  That is, if your local record shops haven’t gone out of business yet.  These Mom …Read More

Lady Gaga has released a country version of her hit single “Born This Way.”  That’s right, country. Pop stars releasing dance remixes is nothing new, but a country remix?  That’s pretty rare.  Not only does this make for the first …Read More

38 artists across many genres of music have teamed up to bring you Songs for Japan.  This 38 song compilation is available on Itunes for the ridiculously low price of $9.99!  Wow, do I sound like an informercial or what?  …Read More

Lady Gaga has always been a performer who pushes people’s buttons.  Typically it is her bizarre dress and ambiguous sexuality that have caused an uproar, not her music.  With the release of her latest single “Born This Way” she tackles …Read More

Let’s get it on! -It is most sad that in order to be recognized Muse had to strip all the uniqueness from their sound.  They deserved the success… 8 years ago. -Bruno Mars may be one of the best pop …Read More