The Prophet of Pop

There are tons of reality shows on television.  There’s dancing, singing, juggling blowtorches, and people yelling at each other.  So, why should you watch the Sing-Off?  Because it’s hosted by early 2000s heart throb Nick Lachey.  Need more reasons?  Alright!

1. It’s unique – A capella music isn’t a new thing, but it’s never been done as a reality show.  You won’t ever see another show with music performed this way.

2. It takes talent – A lot of people can sing, but can they work as a group to make intricate arrangements and then perform them well?  Usually not.  Singing a capella is an amazingly difficult thing, especially at the level that these groups do it, and I guarantee that as you watch you will find yourself wondering how the groups are pulling off these songs.  Oh and did I mention the choreography?  They do that too.

3. Youthful exuberance – While the show has it’s share of veterans, there are always a number of young groups who are just getting started.  Last year’s winners had never recorded an album or done a tour before being on the show.  They all have a lot of fun with the show.

4. Variety – There is always a wide variety of talent on the show.  From gospel choirs, to hipster pop groups, to prepped out college boys, you will see it all.  Chances are, it will all be good too.

5. The judges – With the girl that sings that “I’m not gonna write you a love song” song replacing the girl that sang the “Don’t you wish your girl was hot like me” song this judging cast just got even better.  She was always the weakest link, so I’m excited to see how things are this season.  Shawn Stockman (Boyz II Men) and Ben Folds are both industry vets who always have an interesting perspective, and who often hear things in the performances that I even miss.  I imagine that some of their commentary goes over people’s heads, but as a music person I appreciate it heavily.  Oh and

I’m sure there are a ton more reasons, it’s just a fantastic show.  If you haven’t checked it out yet, do so tonight!!

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