In case you haven’t been able to tell (you have), this blog has been in a bit of a flux lately.  Since coming on full-time at Beliefnet I’ve been doing a lot – music interviews, updating faith pages, Twittering, writing about video games, talking smack, etc.  While the blog has been a great place to drop a bit of musical knowledge, mostly it is just sitting here crying and waiting for The Sing Off to start so that I’ll be posting regularly again (LOVE that show, who’s with me?? I hear the two of you!).

So, in addition to those things, I’ve decided to do a bit of a “behind the scenes at Beliefnet” type thing.  I’m not sure what this looks like because things are usually nuts around here, but I do know that I’m getting to meet and talk to some really inspiring people.  Generally the article takes on a pretty formal tone, but I have to say when I’m talking to great folks like Jennifer Knapp, the guys from Committed, Switchfoot, and others it is pretty much an outright joy.  So, I think I’ll unload some of that here.  Deal?

Coming up I am posting an interview with a great group of guys called Native Deen.  They are a Muslim hip hop/rap group and man, are they good.  The message is positive, the beats are strong, and these guys really like to have a good time.  The evidence is here:

Interviewing them was smooth as silk.  They are as strong professionally as they are musically, and uniqueness, they’ve got it in spades.  The three guys really are very different, and it shows throughout all of their music.  It is interesting hearing such positive rap music, and it is even better knowing that the guys behind it are as genuine as you’d want them to be.

Good show Native Deen, can’t wait to hear you guys live!

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