Today is my last day with Beliefnet, and my last day as the author of this blog. The Text Messages archives will remain live at this location, but posting will cease. 
If that sounds gloomy, it’s an accurate reflection of my mind this afternoon. I’ve chosen to pursue new opportunities, but I’m not without pangs of regret. I’ve loved the conversation on this blog, loved sharing my interests with you, and most importantly, loved my tenure as an editor for Beliefnet. I’ve worked here for three years, which I’m told is an eternity in online media, but it felt like a spark. (It’s also not an eternity for Beliefnet–good people tend to stick around this place, not least because there are so many good people who work here.) 
I’m tempted to link to my favorite interviews, essays, blog posts, videos and feature packages I’ve had the pleasure of developing during my time here. But I’d rather point forward. If you like this blog, I hope you’ll follow the rich conversations that are happening at Jesus Creed and The New Christians, Crunchy Con and Idol Chatter. I love Steven Waldman’s blog, too, and Therese Borchard’s, and the Blogalogue, and the entire slate of voices Beliefnet is developing. Stay tuned. 
Also keep an eye on Beliefnet’s Christian channel, and the soon-to-be-transformed community site. Good stuff all around. 
Me? Well, I’ve a PhD to complete, and (in related news) a book on Christianity, violence, and Hollywood. New projects abound, with fingers crossed. 
I can be reached at pattondodd (at) gmail dot com. 
Thanks for reading, and thanks especially to Beliefnet. 
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