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  • Dear God,
    As You know, some days I wish
    I looked different than I do...

    The Dieter's Prayer Book" © 2000 by Heather Harpham Kopp. Used by permission of Waterbrook Press.
  • Loving Father, put away
    All the wrong I’ve done today;
    Make me sorry, true, and good…

    Circle of Grace

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Subhuti asked: "If one wants to know emptiness, how should one do it?" "The one who wants to realize emptiness should adore reality, develop a skill in living in the world, and cultivate friends of the same mind. Skill can only be developed in the presence of reality, not otherwise. Endowed with skill, the person gives without the idea of a giver and lives in the realization that all the factors of existence have no ultimate substance." end quote
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