Did Jesus Have a Wife Spirit vs Soul Complaining Faith Save You
Did Jesus escape crucifixion, settle down with Mary Magdalene and have two children – then commit the greatest fraud in history?... read more »
How do we discern between two powerful concepts of the spirit and the soul? And is there a difference? read more »
Habitual complaining is the same problem the Israelites had on their way to the promised land. Here’s five reasons why it’s a... read more »
It's easy to give up when you're facing a difficult time but rest assure that faith will always be on your side and fighting in... read more »
  • O God, who in this wondrous sacrament hast left unto us a memorial of thy passion...

  • The Lord bless thee, and keep thee:
    The Lord make his face shine upon thee…

    The Bible (King James Version)

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Pulling up My robes, I draw magic water From the spring and let it surge, To scrub clogs and headcloth. Smokey. Haze breaking over fir and bamboo, Clears and concentrates The mind and spirit. end quote
-Chien Chang, "The Clouds Should Know Me By Now"
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