Yesterday, Mike Jones posted the YouTube video below, upping the ante on the breaking news about Ted Haggard: there were other young men involved with Ted, he says, and their parents knew about it. He does not, and probably will not, explain specifically what he means by “others,” and much of the video is dedicated to his visible distress over his own pain and suffering. It sounds like he’s had a rough two years–he says he’s lost family and friends, and has seen only material loss. (Apparently there was not an audience for his tell-all book and his stage play based on Haggard.) He also says New Life Church has hurt him. 

I can’t speak for New Life Church’s current leadership–and I agree with Jones that they should meet with him–but everyone I know who worked for Haggard with me is grateful for Mike Jones. He lifted the veil on a terrible deception, and it was a brave thing to do. He probably saved Haggard from even greater ruin, as Haggard himself has said. 
I wish Jones well, but I’m not sure what can be gained from videos like this. If he has verifiable information, he should come forward, and at least say as much as he can. If he doesn’t, it’d probably be best for him to piece his life back together as well as he can. He won’t find the healing he’s looking for by searching in the limelight. 

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