I remember a lot of gaping, earnest love for George W. Bush among his supporters during the early years of his presidency. I remember an admiration for the man and his manners that fueled a kind of blind hope in America’s future. I remember being frightened and a little confused by all that Bush piety. 
What I don’t remember is someone who played the role in that political culture that Jason Bateman plays in this video. Man, that guy makes me laugh. I get why people are making fun of this video, which was produced by Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore, and which features Kutcher (the guy with this resume) pledging to be dignified. But you gotta hand it to them–Bateman totally goofed with his turn in front of the camera, and they kept him in. I mean, as Rod guffaws, this thing is jaw-droppingly earnest, but at least they allowed themselves to be leavened by Bateman. See his bit at 2:25, and forgive my adolescent sense of humor.

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