To ensure a strong and happy marriage, a husband must give his wife honor and recognize her value.

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This year on Mother’s Day try focusing on your wife and letting her know you truly cherish her and the value she adds to your family. Throughout the year you may forget just how valuable she is, but even in those moments, her value never changes. So just how can you cherish her?

Acknowledge her value.

A simple affirmation can go a long way with your wife. Women often affirm each other with kind words of encouragement like “I love that outfit on you” or “Your new haircut looks great”. Reminding your wife that you pay attention to her daily efforts can make her feel more loved than any gift from the store.

Your wife is truly a hard worker, research in the past has shown that women spend at least two hours per day doing unpaid work around the house, not including her full-time job. From cooking to cleaning to caring for the children, she is exhausted by the end of the day. Remind her that you appreciate everything that she does. COVID also turned every mom into a homeschool teacher, a full-time cook, a doctor, and a health screener. It’s hard to tell when she’s exhausted because women are just wired differently, they often care more about what other people are feeling.

Remind her of her value.

Acknowledging your wife’s value does not end there, she needs to hear it from you verbally. You may find it easier to create a list of reminders on why you cherish her. Mother’s Day is just around the corner and I’m certain you could bring your wife to tears with some thoughtful words. Here are a few great ways to remind her.

  • Leave her a kind message that expresses your gratitude
  • Put a note in her purse that declares your love
  • When she least expects it, tell her why you are attracted to her
  • Take her out to dinner and have the waiter deliver a hand-written note from you
  • Call her in the afternoon and let her know you’re thinking about her

Great affirmation examples

  • “You have my whole heart for my whole life”
  • “You are simply perfect my dear”
  • “Knowing what I know now, I would choose you all over again. A thousand times!”

If you write down a list, keep it nearby so you can edit and update it when you need to remember your wife’s contributions so you can continue to recognize her value. Do not be shy either, share the list with your wife and let her know she is appreciated.

Be aware in your home.

Pay attention to your wife’s feelings, it is one thing to be sympathetic but being able to hone in on having empathy for her when maybe she has had a rough day. Try to imagine what she is feeling and put yourself in her shoes. This will send a crystal-clear message to your wife that she is cherished.

Acknowledging your wife’s influence.

Research has also shown that happier, stronger marriages have one thing in common. The husband accepted his wife’s influence on matters. When you berate or belittle your wife, the marriage is pretty much guaranteed to fail. Next time your wife says there is a problem within the home, listen to her and solve the problem together.

Treat your wife as an equal.

Always remember it is a team effort, teamwork makes the dream work. A happy wife is one that is treated as an equal partner. If your goal is a happy wife, happy life then, remember to cooperate on important matters together, never separately.

In the end, remember it’s not always the big things that mean the most to your partner. They may look at the smaller things with having the biggest impact. The habits described above are certain to bring you and your wife closer than ever in your journey to creating a stronger marriage.







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