I am reminded of a chorus I sang as a teenager; shortly after I met Jesus.  It said, “Wherever I go, Lord; whatever I do;Lord keep me ever conscious of Your almighty presence. Wherever I go Lord; whatever I do”. What would change if each of us put this little song into actions?

Of course, in our minds we know that God sees and hears everything, but do we really believe it in our hearts?  There is a vast difference between knowing a fact and applying that fact daily.  God sees us at our best and smiles. He sees us at our worst and cries.  His love or us is never ending and unconditional.

Sometimes we act in ways that are not pleasing to God, like when we fight with the neighbor about who should trim the bushes between our properties.  Or, when we don’t pick up the neighbor from school because it’s inconvenient, after all you are picking up your children anyways.  Last night when your mother ran out of milk, did you go to the store for her, or leave her without milk for her breakfast?

Sometimes we go places that aren’t the best testimony for Christians.  Your buddies want to go to see and R rated movie.  Instead of declining and facing ridicule, you just go along.   God sees that and it makes Him sad.  What about sitting in a bar for hours at night; you may not be doing anything wrong, but what does it look like to others?

We need to be conscious of the things we do and say and how they might affect those around us.  My husband once at a point of extreme frustration said,”Oh, shit!”  Everyone at the factory knew about it before he left that day.  They were disappointed in his behavior because they expected more from a Christian.

These little things won’t keep us out of Heaven, but they will influence those around us and reflect on our God. Our lives should be an open book, ready for anyone to read.  We are the only “Bible” some people will ever see.

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