“To be or not to be ” is a famous quote from William Shakespeare.  My topic is not Shakespeare.  The question is, “Today to be or not to be like Jesus”.  We choose each day whether we want to be like Jesus or not.  Do we want to love and care for others, or do we want to be self serving?  Do we want to obey His voice or do our own thing?  Do we want to grumble and com[plain about our situation, or give God the glory for all He has done for us?

This is a choice we make many times every day.  Jesus is our perfect example for all things.  He only did what He saw the Father do or what the Father asked Him to do.  Jesus seldom even took time to eat and rest as He should.  He had more important things to do with His time. What do we fill our days with; T V, computers, iPhones?  Or do we live to serve Jesus?

Often we get so caught up in our daily routines that we forget to even ask Jesus what it is that He wants us to do on any given day.  I can remember times when He was so specific that He told me what store to go to first on my list of errands.  If I had not been listening, I would have missed a wonderful opportunity to visit with and pray for a dear friend whom I had not seen in many years.  Another time I was so blessed to meet up with a young man I had helped at the area homeless shelter.  It made my day to hear that now he was doing well and no longer on the streets.

Even in the midst of writing this blog, I was interrupted by a phone call.  My niece need to go to Walmart and she doesn’t have a car.  I could have just told her I was too busy, but, “What would Jesus do?”  I took her to the store and had a nice visit with her and her daughter.  I was even able to help them get some much needed school supplies.  I was blessed.  They were blessed.  And I believe God was pleased.

I don’t always make the right choices and get these wonderful results.  But, I thrive to be like Jesus and to obey His commands.



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