There is a song my son used to perform mime to named, “Touch Through Me”.  It spoke of ways that we can allow God to touch others through us.  It carries a powerful message of faith and hope to all Christians.  We don’t need a four year degree to encourage someone who is having a bad day.  We don’t need to be a missionary to China to share the love of Jesus.

Each of us have an arena in which we live that continually provides us with opportunities to touch the lives of others.  We have a circle of friends or co-workers.  We have our church families.  We have the people we meet on the street or at the grocery store.  It doesn’t take a lot of effort to help someone carry their groceries.  It doesn’t take a rock star to sing a sick child to sleep at night.  You need no special talents or lots of money to allow God to touch through your hands.  You only need a willing heart.

My husband and I volunteered at our local homeless shelter Friday night.  We had a great time visiting with the residents.  We treated them with love and respect and they knew we were not judging them because of their situations.  We joked and laughed and shared a meal.  Then one young man just hung out with us until our shift was over.  He needed a shoulder to lean on and someone to believe in him.  We provided that for him.  No special training, just our love for people and willingness to reach out to them.

Recently our church had our quarterly food giveaway.  Anyone can come for food assistance.  They don’t have to prove their income or tell us all the details of their lives.  We have counselors who pray with each head of household and them send them off with the love of Jesus in the form of groceries and prayer.  We meet some wonderful people who are just struggling because of the economy.

Jesus said in Matthew 25:35-40 that if we give food or water, clothes or shelter, hope  or encouragement to anyone; it is as if we have done it to Jesus.  That is awesome.  And we don’t need special training or a divine calling to this.  We just need to be available.

Try it some time.  You will be so blessed.  Hearts will be touched through your hands.  We are Jesus’ hands and feet in this world and we only need to step out in faith and see what God will do.


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