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Have you ever been walking through Walmart or Krogers and saw someone in their PJs and slippers?  Since when is this the right way to dress?  There are signs posted in many stores and restaurants stating, “no shoes, no shirt…no service”.  Maybe it’s time to make a sign that says, “Wearing pajamas and slippers… no service”

A lawmaker in Louisiana is planning to pass an ordinance banning the wearing of pajama pants in public.  Apparently some of the young men in his district were  revealing way too much of themselves.  This proposal then sparked quite a debate on line.

One blogger supported wearing PJs out because if she put on regular clothes she would have to fix her hair and put on makeup.  Others thought that PJs in public was a sign of one being a lazy slob.  I don’t know that I would go that far.  I know people who do go out dressed this way and they aren’t lazy or unkempt, they just want to be comfortable.

I remember when I was a teenager they used to have “come as you are parties”,  the teens would come to their friends door and invite them to the party.  Whatever they were wearing is what they had to wear to the party.  We saw some mighty funny outfits, including PJs and girls with rollers in their hair.  It was lots of fun, but sometimes a bit embarrassing, but that was the purpose of the party.

Whether you want to dress this way or not, should be a personal choice.  If you are indeed showing too much skin or other body atributes, each business establishment should post and monitor their own rules.  I don’t do it, but my grand -kids do.  They really aren’t hurting anyone as long as the clothes are clean and suitably fit.

I love living in America and enjoying all the freedoms we enjoy.  Why do the politicians have to try to control everything?  Whether it local, state, or national elected officials, don’t they have bigger fish to fry?

In one community they have a “no sagging pants” ordinance.  Law enforcement officials report they had 31 violations last year?  Is this what we pay our police to do?  Can you see a pair of officers running down the alley chasing a person in his/her pajamas?  While they are doing this, someone could really need their assistance.

Sometimes I think we just have too much time on our hands, so we have to think up ways to keep busy.  Or maybe we just have control issues  and need counseling.  At any rate, this issue is like so many others; a personal choice. I choose to get dressed before I go out.

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