Summer is traditionally the time for vacations.  We spend a lot of time planning where we will go and what activities we want to do.  We make our motel reservations, check our airline schedules and decide which relatives will have the honor of “putting us up” for a few days.  Planning is half the fun in taking a trip, especially if you are going across the country.

Then the big day comes and we embark on our adventure.  Whether flying, driving, taking a bus or train, it always has it’s moments of frustration and impatience.  What will happen if the plane is late? Will we miss our connecting flight?  What if the flight is delayed getting to Miami; will the cruise ship leave without us?  What is we have a train trestle downed because of a bad storm? What if the bus rolls over into some deep ravine?  What if the car breaks down 1000 miles from home?   All of these things are possibilities, but not realities.  Let’s not worry about unless they happen.  Then God’s grace will be sufficient.

We have just returned from a trip to the East coast to visit friends.  The travel time was long.  We got lost once in PA and once in VA.  Most of the food we ate wasn’t healthy (except for the home cooked meals), so I had stomach issues.  When we got to Bethany Beach in DE, I realized that my sand castle building days were over.  I can’t even get to the sand in my wheelchair.  I am really bummed about that.

At Rehoboth Beach, DE we bought lots of salt water taffy.  Some to use as Christmas gifts.  We had fun watching the other people having fun, but somehow it just isn’t the same.  We did some shopping and went back to our friends house.  Then we sat around and watched videos and ate taffy until we could eat no more.  After a few more visits with friends, the time had come to start the trek back to OH.

On the way we stopped in VA to see our youngest son and his family.  That was great fun.  They have 4 little boys, including 5 year old twins.  The we drove most of the way home in the rain and gloom.  I watched the clock and Rich tried to stay awake.  We were very glad to turn on our street and see our humble little home, after 10 days.  Our kitties were relieved to know we hadn’t left them forever and we collected many purrs and kitty kisses.  I love to travel, but there really is no place like “Home Sweet Home”.

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