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July 2012 Archives

I just finished teaching VBS at out church last week.  The theme was the Amazement Park.  Throughout the week I was reminded of how much our lives can be like a roller coaster ride.  We have really high points and […]

As I looked out the window at my husband, Rich, weeding the flower bed, I was again reminded that “where there’s a will, there’s a way”.  Last year Rich had a complete hip replacement in June and a complete knee […]

In August of 2011 President Obama put into law a ruling that has caused the Catholic Church to be concerned.  In his attempt to overhaul the health care system in America, he put into motion a law that requires all employers […]

Summer is traditionally the time for vacations.  We spend a lot of time planning where we will go and what activities we want to do.  We make our motel reservations, check our airline schedules and decide which relatives will have […]

I have some beautiful hybrid roses.  One of them is a gorgeous purple and the other is a lemon yellow.  Last year the purple one began to have red roses on one side of the bush and purple on the […]

Have you ever been walking through Walmart or Krogers and saw someone in their PJs and slippers?  Since when is this the right way to dress?  There are signs posted in many stores and restaurants stating, “no shoes, no shirt…no […]

I just came from buying groceries.  I have spoken several times to one of the cashiers about our church food pantry.  Today she asked if she could make a cash donation to me to buy food for the pantry.  Finding […]

We all have many types of relationships in our lives.  Everything from marriage, child-parent,  close friends, relatives, co-workers, church people and many more.  Whenever there are two people in a relationship, there is the possibility for failure.  We don’t like […]

As I sit listening to the rain on my roof, I am reminded of how fresh and sweet everything smells after the rain.  Our gardens really need a good drink from Heaven.  Often we feel hot and parched in our […]

Do you know the difference between being ignorant and being just plain stupid?  I don’t make a practice of calling people either one, although I know those who, by definition, are both.  According to Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary one who considered ignorant […]