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The Scripture tells us in Matthew 25:35-40 that if we have given food or drink to a stranger, it is the same as if we have given it to Jesus.  Jesus had a real compassion for the poor of His […]

Many of the people who come to our food giveaways feel like they are the only one in that situation.  They tend to believe that Christians have wonderful, stress free lives and don’t have the same difficulties as the rest […]

Many people in America have been  placed in desperate situations because of our  failing economy.  Even those who receive government assistance usually are scraping the bottom of the barrel by the end of the month.  When the food stamps run […]

Once you have found your destiny in God, it is not difficult to get “puffed up”.  You may think you are the best at this ministry and deserve recognition for all your accomplishments.  Recognition is not a bad thing, but […]

God is so wonderful when it comes to pulling things together.  Things that we think are just a mumble jumble of experiences, He can use to create a powerful ministry.  We often ask children, “What do you want to be […]

Once you have found your place, allow yourself to fall in love with it.  Teaching children is my passion.  I love doing it.  I have been doing it for almost 45 years.  I taught kindergarten at a small Christian school […]

In our pursuit of our destiny, we must be open to try new things.  How else will we know what is our passion is and what talents and giftings we have?  A person who goes to church every time the […]

I believe that God has a purpose for each of us.  There is no child born without a God-given plan for his/her life.  It is our responsibility to learn what that purpose is and pursue it with all our heart. […]

There is a bill currently before the Virginia General Assembly that would allow home-schooled students to try out for and play on public school sports teams.  It has been nicknamed the “Tebow Bill” because apparently that’s how Tim Tebow was […]

Even the most rambunctious child is peaceful and quiet when sleeping.  It does’t matter what kind of mischief they have gotten into during the day or what level of frustration you have reached; when they sleep they are adorable. My […]