I often drive by this junk yard and wonder what has happened to put each item in the heap.   I guess I am just naturally curious;or maybe I just have an over active imagination.  I hear so many people say they feel like a piece of junk or that God must have messed up when He created them.  I don’t believe that for one minute. God’s word tells us in Psalm 139:14-17, that we are fearfully and wonderfully made.  I don’t think God makes junk or mistakes.

The circumstances of your life may seem otherwise, but I believe God’s word.  We cannot control when or how we are born, or to which parents we are given.  God knows all things. He knows what will form us into the person He has destined us to be.  The choices people make will determine the kind of life one will have.  Although many things are out of our control, I know God is always there and He always loves us.

I can speak from personal experience.  I was born into an alcoholic home, to a father who didn’t want me and a mother who already had four little children and some major health issues.  I was sickly as a child so that made it worse because my dad was self employed and had no health insurance.  Consequently, I was blamed for many of the family troubles, though I was a small child.

My life was not always easy.  I was the fifth child and the youngest.  Many things formed who I am, but when I met Jesus at age 17, I finally knew a Father’s love.  If I allowed my past to dictate my future, I would not be where I am today.  God didn’t make a mistake when I was born.  He knew exactly what He was doing.  All the stuff that has made up my life is the results of choices made by others and me.  But I know that God was with me through it all and He doesn’t make junk.

There are still times when I can hear my earthly father calling me a fat, useless piece of #$%&*&%.   I still fight battles with low self-esteem, but if I choose to believe God’s word and my own experience with Jesus, I can be victorious.  God doesn’t make junk!!  People may give up on us, but God never will.  He loves us too much.


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