Small Town America

       What is going on in Washington, DC?  Our leaders can’t seem to agree on anything, except that we have a money problem.  People laughed when Donald Trump said he was running for President of the United States.   However, he is an excellent  businessman, and that might be just what we need. 

     I don’t know much about politics, so forgive me if I make foolish comments regarding such things.  I thought I was a strong Republican,  until I found out that they want to cut Medicare and Social Security.  Then they want to continue to give huge tax breaks to the wealthy and special interest groups.  My husband and I live on Social Security.  That doesn’t make sense to me, make the rich richer and the poor poorer.   I guess if you are rich that works for you, but not for most Americans.  Of course I don’t think we should be offering free health care to illegal immigrants either.  They should either get legal or go home.

     There are so many other places to make cuts in the budget.  Think about all the millions of dollars we sent to Haiti and Japan after their earthquakes.  Now remember the pictures after Katrina hit our own country.  Let’s take care of our own first.  Perhaps we should check our priorities.

    I understand that the government spends millions on some programs that seem silly to most people.  Our taxes pay for vacation trips for our politicians and their families.  They waste millions on their political campaigns.  Why can’t they just tell us what they stand for, what they will do to make America a better place, and why we should vote for them.  Most people I talk to are so sick of the TV ads by the time the election comes, they aren’t even listening.   So much of the campaigning is building the candidate up, by tearing the competition down.  Who cares what Joe Blow did when he was 16 years old?  Why does it matter if they made some mistake in the past?

     What are we going to do to fix America.  Here is a novel idea.  Let’s pray that God sorts out this mess and gets the right people in the right positions.  Let’s pray that our leaders begin to make wise decisions.  Let’s pray that our politicians get their priorities right.  Only God can get us out of this mess.  He can do all things.

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