There is so much rancor and conflict in our world. The idea of “Peace on Earth” sounds naive. Is it? In light of what is happening in Congress. In light of the prolonged war in Afghanistan and the upheaval in the Middle East. In light of all the shootings in our own cities and neighborhoods. Not to mention the drug wars…

How can we talk of peace? As Jeremiah prophesies, “Saying, ‘Peace, peace’ But there is no peace.” Sounds like today. We talk of it. We long for it. But we don’t see it.

And we are not even talking about our own stress and anxiety… which we try to medicate. So what are we to make of the Christmas message that says, “Peace on earth goodwill to man?” Is it just a holiday expression – something to put on a Christmas card?

This is what the heavenly host said:”Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace among men with whom He is pleased.” (Luke 2: 14 NASB)

Think about it. Is God mocking us?

I think not. He wants us to seriously take this message to heart. He has provided peace – He is our peace. But notice the host says “Glory to God in the Highest” – that’s the number one priority – praising Him and giving Him glory. Then comes peace among men – and notice the little caveat “with men whom He is pleased.”

Back to my subject: resolving conflict. If we as people, as nations would make glorifying God as our priority and not our own agendas He would be pleased with us and grant us the peace for which we long.

Have you made glorifying God a priority in your life? Just think of all His attributes: almighty, bountiful, compassionate, deliverer, eternal, faithful, good, helper, invincible, just, kind, loving, merciful, near, omniscient, powerful, quick, redeemer, safe, trustworthy, unlimited, victor, wise, xenophile, yes, zenith of it all and zealous for you and me!

Does that not make you want to glorify Him?

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