How many of us made promises this year we couldn’t keep? How many of us had someone break a promise to us? Promises are important. It breaks my heart when I see a child whose heart is broken because an adult didn’t keep their promise to him or her.

Well, I have wonderful news! God keeps His promises.

A couple of weeks ago in this space I asked, “Why Christmas?” It’s a good question and one we must consider seriously. The world turns on its head this time each year for a reason. It is important to understand that reason.

The reason is that God has kept His promise. He left His throne in glory and showed up in Bethlehem! Think about that a minute or two…God broke into history just as He promised. He showed up. Not many people recognized Him. Some poor shepherds. The Magi from the East. An old man and an old widow in the Temple. Not many.

The same is true today. Not many recognize God when He shows up.

Do you? How has He shown up in your life this year? Have you recognized him?

May this be a wonder-filled Christmas as you see Him in every promise He has kept throughout the ages.

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