I live in Virginia. It has always been a lovely, genteel state. Maybe we are a bit arrogant in our thinking of ourselves…UVA is called “The University”, as if there are no others…! My mother used to laughingly say, North Carolina was “A valley of humiliation between two mountains of conceit.”
Her parents were both Virginians…going way back. And being able to trace your family “way back” is important to Virginians. They have the “FFVs” – First Families of Virginia!

Like I said, the attitudes can be a bit on the arrogant side.
What has happened to our governor, I can understand. What he did years ago should not play havoc with his life now. Not if he does not hold racist views. And I do not believe he does…he was a product of his time and culture. Right or wrong.
But he is now trying to use all the current buzz words to get himself free of this mess. Like he was born into “white privilege”. That he needed to be more “sensitive”. All that may be true and I believe he will come to terms with it.
For him and the abortion activists, this was a God-send. The media is not talking about his radical position on late-term abortion but on some years ago photo that may or may not have been him.
In his interview about abortion, he stated the baby could be born, kept comfortable while the parents and the doctors decided whether or not to end its life! That would be murder. He is an advocate of that. He is a pediatric neurologist for crying out loud. If a baby has to be kept comfortable till the doctors and parents make a decision…then they can end its life! That is ludicrous!
We ought to be screaming about the injustice and evil of this.
He doesn’t need to resign over the racist photo but his stand on abortion. Wake up folks!
This is pure evil.
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