Well, I guess I finally have to weigh in on the shutdown…

This is a difficult time for so many. I pray it will end soon. Many are working without pay. Why can’t Congress forgo their pay during this time in solidarity with the Federal workers? If they had to feel the pinch, they’d soon get to negotiating in good faith.

I got an email from my bank and it was offering special consideration to those furloughed by the government.

“If you are an employee of the federal government who has been furloughed due to the partial government shutdown, City is here to help. Contact your local branch to discuss your individual circumstances and find out what options may be available to help you during this unexpected financial challenge.

If you have a loan with City and would like to request a payment deferral, call us to discuss your options.

In addition, we’re happy to offer a special Furlough Relief Loan* to help meet your financial needs during this time. Details include:

Borrow up to $5,000 at an Annual Percentage Rate of just 4.99%
No fees
No payment for the first 120 days
24-month repayment period
To apply for this loan, please provide a federal employee ID or other proof of federal employment, such as a pay stub.

We’re here to help when you need us, and we’re happy to work with you to find solutions that help ease the burden of any financial hardships. Call or stop by your local branch to discuss your options at any time.

Thank you for banking at with us.”

I for one, thought that was a good example of Americans coming together to meet this terrible situation. I called my bank to tell them of my appreciation. (Yes, I know the bank still make money on this deal but it is a break for the folks who need it and they will receive back-pay when the shutdown ends so that they can pay the loan back.)

I have seen news reports of food banks springing up to help those caught in this mess.

As Americans that’s what we do – help each other. As believers we should be leading the way.

Let’s pray for those suffering. And especially in this cold spell…those who are homeless.

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