It turns out that, in deciding whether he’s going to tell Fox viewers tonight that he’s actually running for president in 1012, Mike Huckabee is not only praying on it, but also asking us to do the same. Which is pretty cool, when you think of it–and not just because the Huck-a-Pray form will give Mike an email list of everyone who fills it out. But since I’m not sure I want to be on the list, and am confident that my prayer will be heard equally well whether I do it there or somewhere else, I’m going to do it here.

Dear Lord,
I’d really like you to encourage Mike to take the plunge. As I’m sure you know, I’ve been claiming that he’s going to be a candidate for some time now, and if he ends up doing so, that will definitely enhance by street cred. Plus what could be better for anyone in the religion-and-politics biz than having Huck as the GOP nominee? I mean, the guy was present at the creation of the national religious right–press secretary to James Robison when they rolled the thing out at the National Affairs Briefing in August 1980! He’s be the culmination of a generation of evangelical political agitation!

OK, Lord, I can hear you saying, “But that’s all about you, Mark. What about what’s good for Huck? What about what’s good for THE COUNTRY? I confess, I have no idea what’s good for Huck? I mean, what’s really going to be best for his own personal lifestyle choices? Will foregoing the Fox paycheck mean he has to delay his plans for his house in Florida? Or can he guarantee the big bucks simply by running for a few months? Jeez, I dunno. As for what’s good for the country, well, I’m pretty sure Huck couldn’t do worse than any of the other GOP candidates. So if there has to be a Republican in the race, why not him? Amen.

Update: And I’m wrong!

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