Now that we have entered the final week of the Harold Camping-certified End Times, it behooves us to consider the signs. Here goes.

* Osama  (the false Antichrist) Bin Laden killed by Barack H.  (not the false Antichrist) Obama.

* Forces of Repression (viz. Gog and Magog) at work all over Middle East.

* House of Representatives kills off Medicare. (Who needs it?)

* Head of IMF (aka Root of all Evil) arrested for sexual assault.

* Poll numbers of Barack H.  (not the false Antichrist) Obama headed north.

* Palestinian protestors killed on way to Tel Megiddo (Armageddon).

* Mike Huckabee removes hat from presidential ring. (Talk about the Great Disappointment!)

* Newt Gingrich, convert to Catholic Church (i.e. astride Whore of Babylon), jumps into presidential ring.

* Democrats threaten to capture NY-26.

* All Facebook pages inscribed with number “666.”

* Lots of earthquakes, tornadoes, floods.

* Yankees drop three in a row to Boston at the stadium.

* Doonesbury recognizes End of World at hand.

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