Too often we hear that one of the children in our programs has died. This week, we received news that Kolya died.

In a particularly moving tribute, one of his sponsors–Craig Wood–wrote about what Kolya meant to him, and how Kolya changed the course of his life.

I encourage you to read the entire blog post here.

Craig writes:

As I look back, I realize that I arrived in Russia with the mindset that I was going to “help” a group of Russian orphans. Little did I know that those special kids – led by Kolya – would help me in ways that would change my life forever.

This is one of those things we here time after time after time. “I thought I was going to bless orphans, but they blessed me in ways I could not have expected or imagined.”

That is part of my story, and the story of many who have discovered this secret. God has hidden his blessing in these children–like treasure.  Overlooked and forgotten, so few take the time to begin a relationship that changes a life.

Does sponsorship make a difference? Just ask Craig Wood.


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