Today I have just returned to N. Fort Myers, Florida from New
York City (where Steve and I reprised our play “The Ice Cream Man Cometh”) and had a simple observation I wanted to share.

As I was thinking about writing a blog, it occurred to me how
much we are affected whenever there is a change in scenery.  Perhaps this is why
so many feel recharged after a vacation. While I would agree that the primary
reason for feeling recharged is directly related to freeing the mind from the
stress of everyday life, I would say that it is because there is more interaction
rather than reacting taking place.

In Prophet or Madman, I said that we have only two options
when it comes to experiencing each moment. The two choices we have are to
react or interact. As I have discovered through years of observing myself and
others in this world, for the most part human beings are reactive creators. By
that I mean that as humans, when our surroundings become very familiar, we tend to
develop patterns and thus react rather than interact.

Although reacting may appear to be your natural state, once
you awaken to your true spiritual self you will find most of your reacting to be nothing more
than  conditioned responses. You/we are so much more than that. You/we are
infinite spiritual beings. The moment you open your spiritual eyes, it becomes
obvious that anything other than interacting is not fully living.

Regardless of what path you may find yourself on, or what
religion you practice, anyone who wishes to awaken and live awakened in this
world will have to deal with their own struggles.


More to come…


Love and Light,


Brother Bruce

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